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Milaca, Minnesota (United States)

Sighted on Monday 25. November 2019
Reported on
Shape: Circle | Duration: 00:20:00

tuesday 25 nov 2019 this is the description of events happening this morning between 1200z - 1230z. my wife was preparing to go to work and was taking the dogs (2) outside to toilet. at 1205z she saw a bright light out of her peripheral vision and looked up to see a bright object, shot straight up and instantly disappeared. she continued watching the sky in the same area and saw a dimmer object, then another and another. at that time she came inside the house and told me i should go out and see the lines. i was still in bed since i've been retired for 2 years and use to sleeping in later. i quickly got dressed, slipped on slippers and was going to go outside when she came in from outside and i asked her again about the "lines". she confirmed there was a "line of lights" going across the sky and kept coming and coming. i went out to the front lawn and didn't see anything at first but she showed me where to look. sure enough there were lots and lots of them streaming from the west going east in the northern sky. the sky was completely clear and dark and the eastern sky was beginning to show signs of sunrise. at no time did i see any trails out of the objects or hear any noise. i could not see if there were exterior lights. these objects were lighted of medium brightness (like that of a normal satellite) and were continuous (not blinking on and off) from the time they came above the trees in the west to the time i lost sight of them in the east. maximum elevation was about 60 degrees above the northern horizon. they were traveling faster than any satellite i have seen before taking about 10 seconds to traverse the sky. the interval between objects was about two thumb widths but varied. they seemed to be in groups of say 30 objects then a longer interval of say 5 seconds or so before the next group would start across the sky. the brightness of all the objects was the same intensity. however, at two times during the entire observation i saw one much brighter object and traveling much faster come from the west to overtake a less bright object. then slow down to the less bright object and quickly circle around and stop for a second and then continue on at a faster speed. in this continuous line of single objects there would be a cluster of objects frequently together in the line, like a squadron and varied in brightness a little. this went on for 20 minutes nonstop. the end came about 1225z when my wife was just before leaving for work. i got back in the house at 1228z. this is the most fantastic and amazing thing i have ever witnessed in my life. i kept asking myself while viewing the objects if this was a dream or is it real. it was like something out of a star wars movie but live and in person. we hope someone, maybe many people saw the same thing. we really did see this!

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