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Sartell, Minnesota (United States)

Sighted on Tuesday 29. October 2019
Reported on
Shape: Boomerang | Duration: 00:00:07

I work overnights at a local gas station and was scheduled for a short shift, which saw me leave my workplace at around 3am. at the end of my return walk home i stopped in my driveway to admire the stars as the night sky was particularly clear. not long into my viewing i caught sight of an airplane to my south flying a north eastern path. despite there being no other sounds the plane was not audible to me. while observing the plane i noticed movement directly above me and caught sight of a boomerang/v-shaped object which was moving rapidly in a west to east direction. initially i thought i was observing a floater in my eye or something on my glasses, however i quickly noticed that it was in fact moving across the night sky and blotting out starts it passed in front of. as i continued to observe the object's shape i considered it could be a commercial glider of some kind, however the lack of lighting on the object combined with the time of the event (roughly 3:10am) made me skeptical. my immediate next thought was that it was some kind of animal, as the color appeared to be brownish (potentially a trick of ground lighting reflective off the object from below), and it did seem to have a lighter color towards the ends of the "wings". i'd liken the coloring to that of a moth. however, the object didn't change shape or orientation at all indicating no flapping of wings, and lacked a bulky midsection to indicate a central "body", thus i do not believe it was an animal. it is difficult to gauge the size of the object as being overhead in a clear sky meant i lacked a clear frame of reference. with the clarity i was able to get in shape and color of the object given the lighting circumstances combined with its decent rate of speed from my perspective, i surmise that it was at a low altitude and that it was not a particularly massive object. as for how i felt at the time, it admittedly triggered my fight or flight response, as when i began thinking it might be an extremely large bird (or some other animal) i had an urge to retreat into my home. i fought the primal urge and observed it until it was obscured by the treeline. to recap, a large dusty brownish v-shaped object with no lighting flew silently overhead in a straight line at a low altitude with no visible adjustments in shape or orientation. i have not the slightest clue what it was that i saw, other than i definitely did see something. as this event was of a short duration and more exact details are scarce given the angle, lighting, and sky conditions, i'm not hopeful there will be an answer to what it was i saw. perhaps however if anyone else in central minnesota was looking up at the night sky at around 3am on october the 29th, 2019 and saw a similar object, this corroborates what we saw.

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