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Harbor Beach, Michigan (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 30. August 2012
Reported on
Shape: Disc | Duration: 00:02:30

As I and my wife were loading my car for trip early next morning. I observed a light in the South moving North. By chance I had my binoculars right in front of me and was able to follow the object with them. It was cloudless with full moon and a West wind of 10-15 MPH.Object was moving at what I estimate to be 200 MPH. And was 30 feet in diameter. It was not an airplane. With the binoculars I observed a solid red/orange light on the bottom which illuminated the disc shape. My wife could not tell this with her naked eye. Only the lights color.When it got almost overhead it veered to the Northeast and went out over Lake Huron. We jumped in the car and attempted to follow, but it had disappeared out over the lake. I estimate it was visible for abour 2.5 minuites. It made no sound. It traveled at a 90 degree angle to the prevailing wind.Upon returning I saw my neighbors sitting in front of there campfire. I asked them if they had seen the light/object. The wife and child said they also had seen what we observed. The husband had been inside the trailer and saw nothing.There are no airports near me. The closest is a VFR facility about 30 miles to the West and another 35 miles to the SW.I am currently a MUFON member and have been for the past 10 years.

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Imlay City, MI 2014-07-12 Oval 5 seconds
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Oscoda, MI 2014-07-04 Circle 5 minutes
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Sarnia (Canada), ON 2014-06-27 Circle 5 minutes
Sarnia (Canada), ON 2014-06-27 Circle 5 minutes
Vassar, Michigan (United States) 2014-06-25 Disc 00:10:00