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Decatur, Illinois (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 30. August 2012
Reported on
Shape: Circle, Sphere, Star-like, Triangle | Duration: 00:01:00

I set up my recorder to record the moon, knowing that I wouldnt beable to see the full moon tonight, due to rain coming. I was just standing there looking towards the SW and the object-UFO was coming, I could see it behind some trees, glowing and moving real slow, about the time it reached the top of the trees a plane showed up and it blinked completely out, but I did get video of it since I already had my recorder set up. After the obect was gone and no planes, I started noticing these type of craft flying up high, they reminded me of fireflys and they were moving around almost everywhere in the sky, no one direction, just everywhere. They looked to high to film so I grabed my bonoculars to see what they were, they were triangle in shape (black color) with circle white lights on all three point with a red light in the center blinking but the back end of the craft seem to have a type of bar stobing light, really crazy looking. They left in differant directions, but shortly after they left, at 9:44 PM A bright glowing object-UFO just appeared out of nowhere right above our house, bright and glowing, as it left in a N direction it dimmed and was gone, then the firefly looking crafts showed up again, samething happened as last time.

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