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Milan, Illinois (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 08. September 2012
Reported on
Shape: Egg, Oval | Duration: Undisclosed

I saw a glowing bright red/orange flying craft/object on September 8th, 2012 at approximately 8:10 p.m. while walking my dog and talking on the phone to a family member. I was walking up a small hill (facing west) and out of the corner of my left eye this huge red object flew slowly over me off to my left (SW) of where I was standing. I couldn't miss it! I live in western Illinois 4 miles directly south of the Mississippi River out in the country where there are few city lights. The object I saw was a craft and it was a slightly elongated oval shape. There was structure to the object since I could make out a dark outline on the sides and on the underbelly. It was only a couple hundred feet above the tree line so I got a pretty good look at it. There was no sound or jet trail. The object also had no blinking lights but brightly glowed more of a red color than orange. I thought at first it was a jet liner on fire or a Chinese Lantern or possibly a meteor but then I soon realized that it was a UFO since it appeared to be flying on a directional straight path neither ascending or descending. I watched it for about 30-60 seconds as it flew over me. There was no sound or exhaust. It came from the southwest and moved on a direct Northeast path. A couple of other people in my neighborhood witnessed it as well and our description of the UFO are the same. I was talking on the phone to my Mother and our phone conversation began at 8:06 p.m. and the sighting took place a few minutes later. My Mother listed to me describe the object as it went over my house and neighborhood. She knew something unusual was taking place due to my comments and concern. I described the object to her as the event took place. My neighbors witnessed the object from a different position and after I lost sight of it over the trees they claimed that the object shot straight up at a high rate of speed then lost sight of it quickly.

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