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North Bay, Ontario (Canada)

Sighted on Saturday 15. September 2012
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Shape: Circle | Duration: Undisclosed

Was outside having a cigarette with my boyfriend, our patio overlooks a large lake with a 180 degree view of it. We were stargazing as usual while we are out there, looking for meteors and whatnot. At about 10pm we noticed in the eastern sky, about 30 degrees from the horizon, a large flash. At first we passed this off to be nothing more then a meteor, but when a few minutes later it went off again, we looked at each other and both decided to watch the area. Again, it flashed, bright circular white light, reminded me of a supernova flash but clearly visible to the naked eye. After that we began timing it and noticed it was between 2-3 minutes for 20 minutes. This lasted until 10:30pm, at which point you got a sense of a connection being unplugged and it had stopped completely.**********This is added in.Sept 16th 201210:10pm - 10:30pmMy boyfriend and I went outside for a cigarette again, at this very time again. Unrealized as it is, until now. Tonight was interesting we saw about 6 meteors, 2 going west, 3 going south, 1 going north.The flashing began again, on schedule with the previous night, and at approximately the same rate. This time felt the connection that drew you to the pulsating light as before, but seemingly stronger then previous.Once again at 10:30pm the light stopped and the sky felt empty

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Parry Sound, Ontario (Canada) 2014-06-11 Unknown 00:00:06
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Dunchurch (Canada), ON 2014-06-01 Fireball 10 seconds
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North Bay (Canada), ON 2012-12-24 Light 10 minutes
North Bay (Canada), ON 2012-12-05 Fireball 30 seconds
North Bay, Ontario (Canada) 2012-11-07 Disc 00:02:00
North Bay, Ontario (Canada) 2012-09-29 Fireball 00:00:10
Dunchurch (Canada), ON 2012-08-15 Circle 2 minutes
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Temiscaming (Canada), QC 2012-06-14 Fireball 5 seconds
North Bay (Canada), ON 2010-11-15 Cigar 3-5 min
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North Bay, Ontario (Canada) 2006-06-29 Teardrop 00:00:10
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North Bay (Canada), ON 2004-11-30 Diamond 10 min
North Bay (Canada), ON 2004-09-14 Light 1 minute
Dunchurch (Canada), ON 2004-08-21 Light 8 min
North Bay (Canada), ON 2004-02-24 Fireball 2-3 minutes
Algonquin Park (Canada), ON 2003-08-30 Formation 10 min
North Bay (Canada), ON 2003-08-06 Cigar 5 to 7 minutes
Burk's Falls (Canada), ON 2002-08-02 Oval 10 seconds
Restoule Provincial Park (Ontario, Canada), ON 2002-07-20 Rectangle 5 minutes
Temagami, Ontario (Canada) 2002-03-10 Unknown Undisclosed
North Bay (Canada), ON 2001-08-04 Other 5 minutes
North Bay (Canada), ON 2001-01-05 Fireball 20 min
Algonquin Park (Canada), ON 2000-06-19 Fireball 6 Minutes
North Bay, Ontario (Canada) 2000-06-08 Circle, Sphere Undisclosed
Restoule (Canada), ON 1999-09-07 Light 3 minutes
Algonquin Park (Canada), ON 1999-08-13 Unknown 7 min
Burks Falls (Canada), ON 1999-07-28 Circle
North Bay, Ontario (Canada) 1996-06-30 Oval 00:10:00
Algonquin Park (Canada), ON 1995-08-24 Light 20 minutes
Algonquin Park (Canada), ON 1995-07-15 Flash 6-8 minutes
West Nipissing, Ontario (Canada) 1993-06-30 Circle Undisclosed
Algonquin Park (Canada), ON 1988-08-17 Unknown 3 minutes
North Bay (Canada), ON 1985-08-28 Disk 20 minutes
Lavigne (Canada), ON 1979-06-15 Triangle 5 min.
North Bay, Ontario (Canada) 1976-10-01 Disc Undisclosed
North Bay (Canada), ON 1973-06-06 Cylinder 2-3 minutes
North Bay, Ontario (Canada) 1967-08-19 Circle 00:05:00
14 Island Lake (Canada), QC Fireball ~2-3 sec.