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Temagami, Ontario (Canada)

Sighted on Sunday 10. March 2002
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: Undisclosed

Hmmmm On skidoo going north stopped on trail,for cig/rest,there was a back drop of a long ridge line . The moon was out shining from west to east and it was crisp and clear.The object travelled into view from the southeast between tree line and ridge line and was decending slowly as it went.THe object was long square rect.It was mulit coloured with no lights visable this is as close as I can get as it is almost unexplainable .It was very large > I have been in avaition flying and fixing.I have never seen anything like this.I have seen 7 lights in the sky with one dissapearing and as the moon came up the was smoke in the general area where it appeared that there was something going on. I have also seen a green orb travelling north winter time inthe same direction as my self height maybe 150 size maybe 100ft dia and then it was gone.

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Temagami, Ontario (Canada) 2018-08-30 Cylinder 00:05:00
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North Bay, Ontario (Canada) 2016-12-31 Triangle 00:00:30
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North Bay, Ontario (Canada) 2016-09-25 Triangle 00:15:00
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Skead (Canada), ON 2015-06-01 25 minutes
North Bay, Ontario (Canada) 2015-05-17 Triangle Undisclosed
North Bay (Canada), ON 2015-05-07 Unknown 10 minutes
Garson, Ontario (Canada) 2014-08-06 Sphere/oblong 4 minutes
North Bay, Ontario (Canada) 2014-07-12 orange, red video 1.5 minutes
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New Liskard (Canada), ON 2014-06-22 Light 60-90 seconds
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North Bay (Canada), ON 2012-12-24 Light 10 minutes
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North Bay, Ontario (Canada) 2012-11-07 Disc 00:02:00
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North Bay, Ontario (Canada) 2012-09-15 Circle Undisclosed
Greater Sudbury, Ontario (Canada) 2012-08-13 Fireball 00:03:00
Hanmer (Canada), ON 2012-06-21 Circle 2:00
Temiscaming (Canada), QC 2012-06-14 Fireball 5 seconds
North Bay (Canada), ON 2010-11-15 Cigar 3-5 min
Lorrainville, Quebec (Canada) 2009-01-19 Flash Undisclosed
North Bay (Canada), ON 2008-11-14 Light 3 mins
North Bay (Canada), ON 2008-08-08 Other 1 hour
North Bay, Ontario (Canada) 2008-08-08 Diamond, Other Undisclosed
North Bay (Canada), ON 2007-04-03 Egg 10 minutes
Hagar, Ontario (Canada) 2006-09-04 Circle Undisclosed
North Bay (Canada), ON 2006-07-24 Light +1.5hrs
North Bay, Ontario (Canada) 2006-06-29 Teardrop 00:00:10
Hanmer (Canada), ON 2006-06-23 Light 5-7 mins
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Haileybury, Ontario (Canada) 2005-07-09 Undisclosed 00:17:00
North Bay (Canada), ON 2004-11-30 Diamond 10 min
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North Bay (Canada), ON 2003-08-06 Cigar 5 to 7 minutes
Cobalt (Canada), ON 2001-08-14 Diamond 5 min
North Bay (Canada), ON 2001-08-04 Other 5 minutes
North Bay (Canada), ON 2001-01-05 Fireball 20 min
North Bay, Ontario (Canada) 2000-06-08 Circle, Sphere Undisclosed
Temiskaming Shores, Ontario (Canada) 1999-12-31 Star-like Undisclosed
North Bay, Ontario (Canada) 1996-06-30 Oval 00:10:00
West Nipissing, Ontario (Canada) 1993-06-30 Circle Undisclosed
North Bay (Canada), ON 1985-08-28 Disk 20 minutes
Lavigne (Canada), ON 1979-06-15 Triangle 5 min.
Englehart, Ontario (Canada) 1977-09-05 Disc Undisclosed
North Bay, Ontario (Canada) 1976-10-01 Disc Undisclosed
North Bay (Canada), ON 1973-06-06 Cylinder 2-3 minutes
North Bay, Ontario (Canada) 1967-08-19 Circle 00:05:00
Greater Sudbury, Ontario (Canada) 1959-07-31 Bullet, Missile Undisclosed