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Centreville, Alabama (United States)

Sighted on Friday 05. October 2012
Reported on
Shape: Star-like | Duration: Undisclosed

Went outside about 4:48am to take trash bins to street. I was almost to the trash cans, about 15-20 feet from my front door when I noticed a bright star like object moving in my general direction. I instantly ran back to the front steps of my home and grabbed my camera from my bag (I always take my camera outside with me day or night). I tried to focus on the object but it was too far away and too high up to focus on the object. I stood in the driveway and continued to visually track the object as it moved in my direction. I continued to visually track the object as it passed in a north westward direction in front of my home. Since I couldnt focus on the object, I began to flash my camera multiple times to illicit a reaction. The object continued to hover overhead in its flight path before simply going dim. I sat on my front steps and lit a cigarette. About 8 minutes later I again observed the star like object, this time at a lower altitude, much closer to my house, this time moving in a south westward then north eastward flight path. I was able to capture the object on the video setting of my camera (Nikkon 3100). As it continued its flight path I switched to the still frame mode of my camera in an attempt to photograph the object. I was unable to get a still photograph, but as indicated I was able to record the object for about 55 seconds. During the entire event I felt as if the object was aware of my presence. I lost sight of the object only after it passed over a distant tree line.Note. Sightings of this can have been frequent since about June of this year with my family and I as witnesses. Interestingly to note is that this sighting comes exactly 1 month after a major sighting in this state that covered multiple counties an multiple witnesses.

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