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Mildura, Victoria (Australia)

Sighted on Wednesday 17. October 2012
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Shape: Sphere | Duration: Undisclosed

Skywatching just out of Mildura Victoria.Whilst facing to the south east, observed a large ball of light approach from the north at an extreme speed. Ball of light then continued its flight path accross the entire sky at astonishing speed in a southerly direction, disappearing from view heading south.Entire sighting went for under five seconds, closer to two or three. Ball of light did not vanish or "switch off." It continued its path south and dissappeared over the horizon in a matter of seconds.Altitude of the sphere appeared to be around that of a commercial air liner (30,000ft). It appeared similar in size to a commercial airliner when viewed from the ground, approximately the size of an asprin or small pill held at an arms length. Orange / white in colour with a medium glow able to lightly illuminate the surrounds.No noise was emitted from the disk. There was no tail or other variables. It did not alter speed or change course.Observed several shooting stars throughout the night. Several aircraft also observed. Satellite activity at a minimum.

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