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Carlisle, England (United Kingdom)

Sighted on Wednesday 17. October 2012
Reported on
Shape: Circle, Sphere | Duration: Undisclosed

I work in the traffic management industry an was due to liaise with a colleague to pick up a set of portable traffic light. initially although i didn't think anything of it but on the drive to the location where i was meeting my colleague (which was a lay by on the a69 just to the west of Carlisle) I noticed that my sat nav was being funny hey also reported something similar so we were finding it hard to meet but eventually we met at the lay by an proceeded to change the lights over on to my van when i noticed a light appearing in the sky all of a sudden to the right of my vision which was approximately NNE, i pointed it out to my colleague an we proceded to follow the light across the sky. It traveled for what seemed about a 2 mile distance over a period of 45 or so seconds passing through a cloud illuminating it from within, once through the other side of the cloud the "Light/ufo" dissolved into nothing and dissipated. As it would seem we were not the only people to track this as about 3 minutes or so after the a pair of military jets appeared from the nne an also a pair from the nnw, im not sure of the location on raf bases in Scotland but 2x2 jets came from the north within 3-4 minutes, Again this isn't the end as 2 more jets came from the south west abouut 2 minutes after the initial 4 so about 6 minutes from the ufo appearing,totaling jets so far!! approximately 2 minutes 2 more pairs came from same direction on the before mention norther jets, making a grand total of 10 jets circling above our heads, they stayed for about 10-15 minutes circling to higgher and higher altitude going up to what would also appear to be the maximum ceiling height in search for this entity, its was an amazing sight which my college will concur, its not the 1st sighting of this kind i've had up north but with all the jets turning up confirmed that one for me as i wasn't the only one to spot it!

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