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Adel, Iowa (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 30. November 2002
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: Undisclosed

FILE: HWY 169 SCREEN MEMORY SCENARIO IN 2003. The male witness and his then girlfriend were coming back from Minnesota at the end of the July 4th weekend in 2003, driving southbound on Highway 169 north of Adel, Iowa. It was around 2:00 to 2:30 a.m. when a deer came onto the road. Both witnesses saw it, and the driver reacted quickly, and felt relieved when he managed to avoid hitting it.He drove on a couple miles and there was an ambulance sitting in the middle of the highway with its headlights and tail lights on, AND also turned on were the lights that are used to illuminate an area when EMT personnel are working an emergency situation. The red flashing light was NOT on. The driver's door was open, and the back doors of the ambulance were wide open, but there was NO ONE INSIDE OR OUTSIDE the ambulance. No one in the area, at all, no working of an emergency situation, and yet, there it sat with all those lights on in the middle of the highway. The witnesses thought it was strange, but the driver slowly drove his car around the ambulance, and drove on for a couple more miles.Then things got stranger. There was what appeared to be a man standing by the side of the road perfectly still, with his back to the road. He seemed to be engaged in no activity whatsoever. There was no vehicle nearby, and there were no farm buildings nearby that would seem to explain his stance, or his presence. The male witness wondered out loud if they should stop and ask if he needed help, but his girlfriend was really shook up at this point and said "No, no, don't stop". When they got home that night, they were suspicious enough about what they'd seen to think they should check the time to see if they'd had any missing time, and found that they did get home at the time they expected to. But, the male witness has always wondered what was going on that night. And when he attended a UFO adult education class, and there was a discussion of "screen memory" incidents, he told Investigator Trout, so that's why the incident is being reported now.

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