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Westminster, Maryland (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 09. April 2009
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Shape: Unknown | Duration: 00:02:00

http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/068/S68023.htmlI live southeast of Gettysburg. We are close to Camp David and Fort Dietrich in Fredrick MD and Fort Ritchie maybe. My landlord, who recently passed away has a son who is a state police officer. He too saw the same 2 ships and said they were military planes this past Thurs., 4/9.Ok, I cant sleep. Maybe Im a bit crazy but I have a prior experience. I was in no more then 2nd grade, lived in a apt complex in Cockeysville MD. One night I was outside the apt building playing with the locals. At one point, the sky was filled w/ 2 V shapes of light, point out front w/ lights fanning out like wings. They dominated the sky and passed so incredibly fast, I cant recall any sound relating to the incident tho I vividly recall going inside to relate my tale of UFO`s to my family (picked up from adult locals that night), which of course I was dismissed. A friend attributes it to stealth fighters, do they make sounds while directly over head? I recall seeing Alien at the drive-in close to my apt at this time and being absolutely whacked. It must have been 78 or 79, that movie scared me tho I dont recall if it was post or pre the lights in the sky. I feel like it was post but meh it was so long ago and Im already questioning how much the history channel has affected my memory.Last Thurs night, the cupboard was bare, it was time to go shopping. It was after 9pm and I headed off to the store. As I approached the T intersection I needed to make a right at, I saw over the hill line a bunch of lights in the sky, hovering. I immediately flipped out, trying to reason what I was seeing.I continued on, it was 2 sets of 4 bright white horizontal lights. One set seemed parallel to the ground, the second set of 4 off to its right were askew, perhaps behind the first set. I reasoned it had to be some sort of suspended lights over the farm, but why?I made the right, headed still towards the store. The 2 sets of 4 lights were hovering over the farm to my left, which was completely dark. At this point it didnt seem to be suspended lights. I was contemplating on driving into the driveway of the farm to knock on the door when I noticed a car coming the other direction.I sorta decided to pull into the driveway tho I turned early because as soon as I made the move to the house, the lights made for my direction. It happened so fast, I was a bit short of the driveway so I just pulled a big U in the middle of the road, prior to the oncoming car.I had all these crazy thoughts, these lights were definitely coming my way, I ran the stop sign headed back to my house. Up the road a bit I noticed the car behind me had turned in my direction as had the 2 ships(?) above and to my left. I was wired and scared {pd}, I was actually out front of my landlords other son`s new property, so I pulled over and got out.The car behind me pulled up as the 2 ships flew over. The 4 bright white lights that dominated the front were not seen as they flew overhead. It appeared to be a plane shape, had a light blue glow and some standard looking (?) red lights. I cant say I got a great look at them, I was sort of freaking out and approaching the car behind me who was equally freaked out due to my driving.I asked them if they saw the planes (?), and as I did, I heard what was like a humming sound as if perhaps these were 2 auto-lite type ships were being used to spotlight deer or property. I was thinking bi-wing plane of sorts w/ the 4 big white lights between the wings but hell originally I thought the farm was being demolished at night and the lights were suspended for the work.They continued on in the opposite way of the store, which now seemed like an even better destination place. The two young guys in the car were like "holy {pd} what are those" and I said, "I hear a engine of sorts so must be some sort of plane", to which they agreed. I got in my car, took off back towards the store, seeing them seem to split up as I lost them in my line of sight. As far as I know, the 2 young guys followed the 2 planes.Ive spoke w/ the farm owner today and he believes what I saw was c130`s. He says they do a training run 4 or 5 times a year and was able to describe the path of the planes almost perfectly. Ive looked online but cannot find any pictures of c130`s w/ the white lights. Ive found plenty of c130`s, just none that made me think thats what I saw.

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