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Glasgow, Scotland (United Kingdom)

Sighted on Sunday 03. May 2009
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Shape: Square, Rectagular | Duration: 00:00:40

Hello,I try to spend a few hours at night with my telescope when we get clear nights in Glasgow. I use a pair of 10x42 binoculars for spotting and generally looking at the heavens, but I normally just lay on the garden table and use my eyes to look at the constellations as my night vision is really good after 20 minutes. I have seen many UFOs, but they're always so fleeting that I question what I saw after the fact -- was it a satellite, comet, meteor or other space debris burning out in our atmosphere? But not on Monday morning. I saw a perfect cube appear right before my eyes! I was looking at Zubeneschamali, which is the beta star in Libra, when the cube just came out of nowhere! Speechless, I quickly spotted it with the binoculars, through which I saw a brilliant perfect cube with an illuminated border. It was moving too quickly, so I knew I could not track it with my telescope. I just watched it with my binoculars. It changed colour from blue to aqua-green and stopped cold. I ran inside to grab my digital camera and managed to take one picture as it moved away and as soon as I took one picture it accelerated backwards to the point it appeared and it was gone. I waited for an hour just incase it came back, but it didn't.I have zoomed into image progressively, the camera resolution does not match the human eye but you can see the outline and shape.It is at the top of the tree moving from right to left, the Libra Star is on the top right of the tree. The cube was much sharper and brighter than this image, I have no idea how large it was or how fast it was moving, it was a brilliant experience.People have told me it was a Satellite but know Satellites have a very smooth consistent speed and direction, Satellite do not just appear in the sky at a single spot, then progressively drift, speed up, slow down and stop, they definitely do not change colour and noway can they change direction, if anything in the sky can reverse directing at sharp angles "instantly" its a fair to say its not man made, the force on the object would rip it apart. Watching this UFO was akin to the ball in the computer game Pong, but it was square. I have a decent pair of binoculars, (Helios AM6) these are not astronomy models but they have very good optics for the money, I could see the back ground of Space around the outside of the square, the inside of the square was pure blackness compared to the illuminated boarder so it seemed to be a solid object.I could not use the telephoto on my camera for a few reasons, the main one is blur as most camera uses know about. The second one is light, the further out you zoom the less light enters the lens, if I had zoomed out I would have ended up with a very dim streak of light because of hand shake. Thirdly my zoom is motorized and uses a spot meter to focus, the chances of zooming out into a dark infinity and having the camera pull focus on a faint distant object are very very bad, plus I only managed single picture before it decided to bounced backwards and vanish. I just had a feeling it could go at any moment and it did, typical! I never use the LCD for taking pictures, only the optical view finder. I only use the LCD screen for checking the exposure and iris and general camera settings, so I actual saw it in the small view finder on the camera as well, thankfully the camera has a fast start up time or I would have taken a picture of an almost empty sky.I searched online for pictures of any square UFO but found nothing similar to what I saw, but I found a story in the Highlands news paper about a woman who saw a Square UFO in her back garden, this story is only a month or so old, I have no idea if its related to what I saw.Here is the linkhttp://www.highland-news.co.uk/news/fullstory.php/aid/5508/Widow_s_UFO_shock.htmlI don't know what else I can add but I hope its of some use to somebody.Thanks for your time.Ali


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