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St Louis, Missouri (United States)

Sighted on Sunday 10. May 2009
Reported on
Shape: Diamond, Disc, Egg, Oval | Duration: Undisclosed

To whom it may concern:I saw a strange object in the southern sky on Sunday 5/10/09 at approximately 7:30 PM. The flight was not consistent with any aircraft I'm familiar with. It was slow and methodical, and in the distance. It appeared to be 2000-4000 feet in altitude, approximately as large as a 2 story house, and appeared to change shape either by rotating or turning over somehow. I also caught about 4 minutes of video tape; of which about 10-15 seconds are pretty compelling that what I saw is simply unexplained. Here is a brief description of the events:At about 7:30 PM on 5/10/09 I had just finished cleaning up from a massive Mother's Day feast that I had prepared. I stepped outside on my back porch for some fresh air, when I noticed a very small object in the sky. I first thought it was a high flying plane at 50,000 feet which sometimes fly overhead. Then I realized that it was overcast, and that I couldn't possibly see that high. After reasoning about the cloud cover I thought the object to be around 2000-3000 feet high. Since then I have learned that the cloud cover was at 7000-8000 that night, so the object was definitely under that ceiling. My initial thoughts of 2000-3000 feet may be correct, but not for certain. Right after I realized that is was moving too slow for a normal aircraft at that altitude so I called for my girlfriend to come and take a look. She thought it was odd as well, and I asked her to rush to get the video recorder. We started shooting the object, and was initially very hard to get into focus as our zoom was at 35 xs and was in auto focus mode. So if we moved just slightly, or caught the top of a tree, or had a bird fly right by it would keep auto focusing and then blur out the object. Once we fiddled through it for a minute or two, we got the hang of it, and were able to capture several distinctly different shapes not visible with the naked eye. One was a diamond, one looked like a slightly elongated football, and one like a top with some sort of antennae protruding from the top half of the shape. There was only one object, but was either turning or rotating to create these different shapes. The video we have is shaky, showing the object to dart around, but in reality it was moving in a straight line, and our zoom at 35 xs and our shaky hand is the cause for the appeared erratic motion of flight. The flight of the object was in the southern sky headed due north. As it came north, it seemed to drop in altitude. Then it went 45 degrees NE, and then headed due east. As it headed east it appeared to ascend. At various times it appeared to have some sort of halo or ring around the entire object; either from air displacement or something else. It made no noise, and there were other aircraft in the sky that were farther away and closer that were making noise. The whole event from start to finish lasted roughly 7-10 minutes, and we have roughly 4-5 minutes of video. There are about 15 seconds of very compelling shots of an object that I've never seen before. I'm about as well versed in Military Aviation as a private citizen can be, as I'm fascinated with the Military Channel, the Discovery Channel, and the History Channel. This was not a B2, a F117, F22, or an F35. I have seen all of them on numerous shows, and I can't see how any of the shapes I saw on the video could be one of those aircraft. Lastly, after my story aired on some local news stations here in town, a gentleman contacted me via fax with some sketches he drew after a sighting with him and his girlfriend on June 20th 2007 at approximately at 7:50 PM. When I saw the fax it was clear that the images were very similar though he didn���t have a video or a picture. I contacted him and he came to my office to hear my story. When he showed up, we talked for a bit. He seamed genuine in nature, and as he was telling me his story, I quickly realized the similarities to my event. The object seemed to change shape on an axis, there were at times a blur or a ring around the object obscuring the air around the object, that it moved slowly and deliberately across the sky changing altitude, and that it matched no aircraft he had ever seen either in shape or flight characteristics. He explained that when he called his girlfriend into the room to see the story on TV she immediately said, ���That���s it������ Although he saw most of the object with the naked eye, it was closer to him than for me, as I wouldn���t have been able to decipher the shapes with my naked eye. Only with the use of my camera with the zoom all the way at 35 xs was I able to clearly see the shape of the object. In telling me his story, I could see he felt vindicated of sorts, and was very interested in seeing where this went. He said with almost 99% certainty that we saw the same object...I can send a still picture, and I'm truly writing to see if we can get any type of explanation of what we saw, or if you could shed some light into where we could go for help. Thanks for your time,


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