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Mehlville, Missouri (United States)

Sighted on Sunday 02. February 2020
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Shape: Sphere | Duration: 00:20:00

I, alone, just sat down on a friend's outside backâ porch when the super bowl (sun 2/2/2020) went to halftime on a record high temperature day in the st. louis area. walking out and sitting down, looking wnw straight in front of me, was a very bright white light about 30 degrees above the horizon. unusually bright - seemingly brighter than anything in the evening nor dawn sky, other than the moon.It seemed to be a circular object, with white light flaring around. i could not see a surface, just solid to flaring white. i could see the light through a 50' tree, with some branches almost that length, its trunk in the yard just to my right about 30' feet away. i could see the light through large open spaces of many between the tree branches. it was moving very slowly in the sky away, about ne.I thought it could be a commercial airliner on approach st. louis airport nw, about 20 miles as the crow flies. i've seen them in the sky there times before, but this light was much larger and singular with no red nor green lights as planes. as i watched it for about 10 seconds it then stopped, briefly paused, then started moving back in the direction it came from! longer story short, it moved around an area of the sky about the size of my extended arm's fist. for about 5 minutes it "meandered" along open space and along and behind tree branches there, in all different directions. i took two videos of 11 seconds and 145 seconds during that time, not because it would "prove" anything but to document the times: first video at 7:06 pm ct, a picture taken at 7:05. a very gentle wind moved the branches very slightly once during that time. i confirmed via wunderground that three stations within 1 mile all showed no wind before during and after the event time. i say this because i sat still with one eye open and watched the light actually traverse a branch behind it where its flared to both sides of the small branch. it was as if the light could see what i was seeing, purposely moving as it was in that manner with my perspective "in mind". in the video there are some times that the light appears to go out, but that's when it was passing behind a branch of the tree. i purposely mention that because i sat as still as i could, looking over my phone when recording but able to see its screen too, looking to ensure to myself that it wasn't me moving nor the tree but the light. the video is a bit shaky (was not "propped" against anything), of a poorer phone camera quality. at the end of the longer video when the light goes off center, i was trying to capture what did seem a commercial plane (red blinking light) traveling e to w. it was much smaller in its lighting and was not recordable. neither was its faint sound i could hear while it passed. i could hear no sound from the light, just before i went back in to watch the halftime show start. the light stayed essentially where it was during the 12 minute halftime show, i looked out the window a few times. while watching the show i'd contemplated that i'd actually seen what it appeared i had, wondering to tell anyone else or ask them to come out to look. i didn't because i was having a hard time accepting what i know i saw. after the halftime show i immediately went back out and tried to sit still again and see if it would do the same. for about two minutes it stayed exactly where it was. i then suspected perhaps it was some unusual celestial event, when it literally then started to meander around again! within the next maybe 5 minutes that i spent outside, two lights approached the white light moments from each other. the first, a much smaller red blinking light, came towards it from my back left but never passed it but "went out" when it got very close. then a steady much smaller singular white light approached it from the e where the airliner had come from, moving w towards it. when it got close to it it also "went out", at least i also did not seen it again! the bright white light was still there when i went in to watch the second half of the super bowl. i didn't check again. i understand this to be a subjective testimony, no one else was sitting where i was who could have my perception. yet, there is an anomaly in the videos that the white light, by the naked eye and still imagery with the same camera, never shows white but instead always a constant changing of the rainbow colors. i took 4 pictures, all blurred, all showing a white light - the "best" one its light balances altered where some bigger tree branches can barely be discerned. the lights at the bottom are from nearby homes. the two videos show a changing rainbow colors light.


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