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Tarlton, Ohio (United States)

Sighted on Friday 15. May 2009
Reported on
Shape: Cigar, Flash, Star-like, Triangle | Duration: Undisclosed

It started around 10:20pm when our dog need to go outside, so I grabbed her leash and mindlessly opened the door, but as I looked outside my eye was directed immediately to a amber/gold coloered light which distenctly stuck out from the typical black sky strewn with stars because of its brightness and I have never seen any star that color. The light lasted only around 10 sec. then started to dim then completely dissappeared. I was still dumb-founded and standing on the porch holding my dog my the collar, so I rushed to chain her up because I didn't want to miss something else. So I run up onto the porch agian and ran inside to shut of the outside light so that I could see clearly. As soon as I stepped outside agian I noticed a series of white lights moving towards me from the south east; and the lights were not like the distinct lights that are stationary on a jets wings or something like that, they moved and flashed very erraticly with no pattren but seemed to be connected to something. At one point, the object APPEARED to turn itself vertical because the lights were suddenly on top of one another oppossed to being in a horizontial postion, and it did this for 5 seconds approx. then went horizontial agian. It finally came completely over our house and it apperaed to be in a triangle formation with 3 white lights on the corners (which stopped blinking manically after passing over the house)and there was a previously unseen red light in the center of the craft on what I'm assuming was its belly. I watched the craft till it dissappered to the north. Since I had walked around the house to watch it leave I saw the amber light appear AGAIN this time from the same place I originally saw the triangle object. It only appeared for 6 seconds approx. then blinked out again. The triangle COULD HAVE easily been a stealth bomber though because there was a slight roar as it passed, but that dosen't and cannot explain the random flashing and erratic movement and shifting of the lights themselves, and I thought the amber light more odd than the triangle, because there was a chance that its a military stealth bomber. (By the way, we live VERY close to Rickenbacker Airport Base, and there are flight pathes directly over our house, we get atleast 2-3 Life Flight helicopters a day, and a few fighter jets.) So, completely stunned, the first thing I want to do is tell someone what I just saw, and almost natrually I called my buddy who lives in Tarlton, because he lives withen walking distance of me, so maybe he saw something too. I called him and told him what happened, then I drove to his house, and we sat outside in is backyard. We started to discuss possible explenations when the same type of triangle suddenly apperared from the east, doing the same random flashing thing the last object had done, except it seemed to slow down a couple of times and then started moving at a much faster pace. We watched it until we couldnt see it anymore as it was out of sight headed north west. We smoked a couple of cigarettes and started speculating as of what the hell we had just seen. 20 minutes passed when my friend got up to get us a couple of sodas when he blurted "Holy [cms/tg/pd]! Do you see that!?" and to the east there was a cigar shaped object slowly cruising with 3 red lights on the bottom, and 2 white lights on each end which looked to be from INSIDE the object, sort of like observation ports that poured out light. Then it zipped away at a much faster rate, atleas 4 times what it was originally going.After a little more time had passed (this happened in less than 2 hours) we saw what looked like a blinking red light, like the kind that are on top of tall antenneaes moving from east to west slowly. It passed over us, and as it pulsed every second or so, there was a dim reflection of the object it was connected to, but it was... transparent I guess is the right word. It moved out on to the horizion to the west and started to blink more rapidly, then seemed to go down, then in a diaganial line then up and slowly faded from red to black. Then 10 minutes after that there was a silver flash from the west behind some trees, and the light popped out then slowly dimmed like the red light.We were awe struck. After it cooled down for 15 min. my friend got up and went to the bathroom, and right as he walked in a helicopter zoomed over heading south from north, flying quite low.

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