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Granby, Colorado (United States)

Sighted on Sunday 05. August 2001
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Shape: Cylinder, Disc, Oval, Saturn-like, Square, Rectagular, Other | Duration: Undisclosed

We were camping shoreside on an inlet to lake Granby in Colorado. I was with my girl friend's grandparents for her b-day trip. I can get the name of the campsite, and will if there is any interest. We had seen a zig zagging light the night before (Aug 4) and so on the 5th after the storms stopped around 11 we headed out to sit around the fire, sober as the pope I might add. There were close mountain ranges to our North and South, the lake inlet flowed to the west, which was only a few hundreds feet away, and to the east much was a bundle of very distant mountains. I was staring at the north star fairly deep in thought as I had been reading Ralph Emerson all day when I saw a light for lack of a better word splash across my left eye from the East and turning my head at once I observed a bright semi-flickering, yet overall continually shining, oval-orb moving across the sky, then it would come to a complete stop, descend, move to the right and then maybe once more to the left and finally stop. Using very high powered binoculars my girlfriend's grandpa had with him, (I will ask him the zoom rating soon, but he had three pair and I tried them all out for the most magnification and used those, the were huge. Using these, and even with the naked eye, one could see a wide variation in effusing color, also one could very easily see a flashing ring almost racing around a circumference, changing color nearly every oscillation. The colors were a fluorescent green, purple, red, and yellow. I saw one smaller object similar to this one approach the larger one we are speaking of now from behind the same mountain range. It's movement was obvious to the naked eye. Within 5 minutes there were three objects relatively stationary, with the large one on top and two smaller ones equidistant not far below, the whole lot almost in a triangular formation. The bottom two had the same flashing rim yet seemed to be inverted, like the discs of Saturn turned vertical at a 28 degree tilt. By now both of us had seen all three through the scopes and were astonished, well we were in for more, a lot more. A similar ship to the large one begin moving from the north seemingly in the direction of these objects, and within 15 minutes it had travelled over half of the night sky and was in direct alignment with the brightest of the three others, which has not moved. Here is the meat. After about 45 minutes of consistent observance on our part, we saw from the mountain just over the inlet in front of our campsite what looked to be like a brick of iron, thick and rectangular, the color of copper, and with the texture of a metallic tool chest people keep in their truck beds, but much darker. It was more than close enough to observe with the naked eye, but we both used the binocs and were totally floored. We weren't sure what to say or do at this point. It proceed from the SE in a path nearly over our heads. This 'iron-bar' had an obviously conical glow, the peak of which came from its underside in traditional UFO fashion, the light was tinged red at the top and spread to yellow near its base, yet seemingly reaching no where near the ground. To me this object was the most devastatingly obvious. It surged across the sky, in forward-moving left to right gusts of no particular pattern at nearly a constant speed, it seemed like a manta-ray in its movement, but faster. It appeared to move toward the brightest of the three objects we first saw, which was an obvious detour from its initial trajectory, and upon reaching it the ring object seemed to lurched toward it causing the new craft to bank left and pass nearby the other object of spectral-ring that had been approaching the others and then the prowling craft disappeared behind a NW mountain range. The 3 objects on the right sky and the one from the left that had now made it to mid-sky remained. Moments later, we see a white disc appear above the mountain in front of us, 180 degrees due south. It was by far the closest and it really scared my girlfriend. At this point I was feeling my astonishment change into something a little more personalized and urgent, we almost felt pursued, or observed. We marveled at the disc, with and without binoculars for maybe 5 minutes, it was so obviously what it was I hardly can describe it more. Then, immediately Northward I saw a cluster of about 7 of the former flashing objects that started the whole thing off, all of their rings blinking spectral patterns of color in seemingly no particular pattern, but particular rhythm yes. In the binoculars you could clearly see this circle of light drawing itself over and over again in different colors with each new flash lasting around a second then just briefly fading into the darkness a half-second or less before another one would make the rounds. They were in a formation which can only be called a cube of some sort, that is exactly what it looked like, and they seemed close as the bright white disc in front of us but higher up. A little to the W behind the same mountain range we saw another disc of white light briefly ascend into view, move left a little, and then drop back down. So at that time we had three distinct areas of strange observations, in front, to our left, and behind. At this point, and mind you this is in the total quiet of a CO night, we heard a very bizarre whirring sound, unlike anything I have ever heard, sounded like a river or air tunnel of gaping dimension fairly high up, but not that high. At this point my girl and I were almost communicating without speech, soon we began to hear pebbles being scattered on the shore in front of us about 150ft or less away, our campfire was directly in front of us and behind the inlet so we were blinded beyond it. I really don't want these next few parts to eclipse the veracity of the sightings because it does get weird. All I can say is the whirring stopped and we both felt a presence. (Quick note: Our sleeping bags were in the truck bed parked beside her grandparents camper, and that is where we had been staying) It was around this time we had decided to wake her granddad up when it became to overwhelming for us to stand it. We felt overcame, there was what can only be called the feeling of magnetism surrounding both of us... and as it all began to come to a boiling point of intensity we both got up and ran into the camper, I first having to jostle my girlfriend who moments later admitted to being to shocked or transfixed to move. We then ended up lying on the ground of the camper in total and abject fear. I have never been so scared in my life and my heart was a jack rabbit trying to kick its way out. We stayed wide awake on the floor of the camper for an hour saying "We won't sleep for days." and then almost immediately we conked out... right at the same time. And as an insomniac, I assure you, that was unlike me... Although it did feel like some mechanism my mind may have induced to overcome the fear, like an ostrich burying its head in the sand, because when we woke up I felt no better. I was having visions before falling asleep, strange mathematical looking images of almost fractal like patterns, all I can say is they seem very information-laden, the were rendered in absolute detail and very unlike anything I've ever seen. A lot of them seemed like some sort of vegetal-computer hybrids of living things. I am sure this could be attributed to the state of mind I was in, but who can say. So, one last thing, as my girl and I were lying there within that first hour we felt a strange connection to each other, an ineffable one, and the presence that had nearly paralyzed us outside before made a reappearance for about 6-10 minutes that we acknowledged simultaneously. I just looked at her as soon as I felt it and she shook her head 'yes'. Sorry if this seems a bit scattered but it has only been a few days since it happened and I am not someone who has had any experience like this nor am I the type to seek them out, well.. I wasn't then at least.The fear came from the fact we have canine teeth, eat meat, fight wars, etc... all this was running through my head and I almost felt undeserving of preservation in the face of an intelligence possibly eons more evolved than us, forgive my pseudo-science but I think one can understand what I am getting at. I will say that nearing the end of the second 6-10 min episode I felt a real euphoria, almost like an inner levitation, which over all seemed peaceful. My girl felt the same thing but became afraid of its invasiveness. Also, the people camping beside us said they have been coming here for three years and never seen weather like this, we would have 40-50 mph winds for over 3 hour intervals nearly everyday, increasing in intensity until the day we left. The sky was clouded over completely our last night and rained throughout the next day, so follow up observations were impossible. Anyone who has any information they think I would like please e-mail me. This was one of the most intense and staggering experience of my life and hers too. Thanks ��� Austin

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