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Depew, New York (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 30. November 2002
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Shape: Sphere | Duration: Undisclosed

== Site Specifics ==- Location - Buffalo-Depew Train Station 42��� 54���, 26.14��� N 78��� 43���, 31.83��� W Elev.: 675���- Time ��� Approx. 6.30pm, EST Thursday, November 6, 2008-Weather- Condition: Clear Temp: 57���F Dewpoint: 45���F Humidity: 64% Visibility: 10.0 miles Barometric Pressure: 30.03 inches, steady Wind: From ENE, 7mph - Flight Path - Generally SSE, with some minor variance Note: the included graphics are NOT photographs but illustrations drawn up to support the given text. == Recollection ==On the evening this sighting occurred, my son & I were at the Buffalo-Depew train station. We were there that particular evening as my son���s hobby happens to be train spotting. We were standing at a spot near the train station when I happened to look straight up. Hovering directly above were two, large brilliantly bright bluish-white UFOs. They were spherical, hovering motionless and were perfectly silent. I knew immediately something wasn���t quite right as there shouldn���t have been anything that bright in the night sky at that position that evening. I had no way of determining either their altitude or actual size, however holding a green pea at arms length directly above you will give a good idea as to how large they appeared when observed from the ground. (See Dep1).Anyway, I yelled to my son to look up and he saw them as well. He also happened to have his binoculars with him (remember, we were there train spotting) and immediately had a closer look. A moment after he began watching them through his binoculars, they began moving on a generally SSE heading. As they proceeded, they maneuvered around each other in a leisurely fashion, with the light surrounding the two UFOs changing in both color and intensity. We kept passing the binoculars back and forth watching in amazement as the two UFOs tracked southward. Then, from the north east came speeding a third UFO, identical to and joining up with the first two. Shortly after the 3rd object arrived, they arranged themselves in the shape of a perfect equilateral triangle, then became perfectly motionless, simply hovering in complete silence. They stayed motionless for perhaps 10 seconds or so. (See Dep2) They then began spinning around, once again in unison, then stopped - in unison - and continued along, moving ��� you guessed it - in perfect unison, on the SSE heading. It should be noted that when they were spinning, they did so at a velocity sufficient to make these three distinct objects blur into what appeared to be a circle of solid, bluish-white light.Following the preceding display, they didn���t stay in the triangle shape for long. As they proceeded along their course, two of the three objects shifted their position relative to the third and formed a perfectly straight line. Imagine an arrow in flight and you���ve got the idea.(See Dep3).At one point, while my son & I were passing the binoculars back & forth one of the 3 UFOs took off for parts unknown, but neither of us saw which direction it headed. The remaining two continued heading southward, eventually disappearing from sight.== Analysis ==These craft were in possession of a propulsion system far in advance of anything current earth-sourced technology can produce. Their navigation was intelligently controlled and their movement was at all times purposeful. The glow surrounding these craft was clearly the result of a plasma, arising in turn as a result of ionized, excited air molecules surrounding the craft. The glow had no characteristics not attributable to a plasma. The varying of both color & brightness resulted from varying energy levels and energy amounts, respectively, of the ionizing radiation produced by the UFO���s propulsion system. Regarding this, the energy the electrons impart to each photon determines the wavelength, and thus color emitted, from 1.65 eV (red) all the way up to 3.26 eV (blue) or more. As well, with the increase of activation energy per unit area/second (power/unit area) generated in the vicinity of the craft comes naturally an increase in apparent brightness of the plasma. Maneuvers requiring increased thrust were always preceded by an increase in the plasma brightness, with a concomitant shift in the "tone" of the light emitted from a warmer (amber) white to a bluish-white. Regardless of the thrust required at any particular moment, the plasma remained sufficiently well developed that at all times it exceeded a critical-distance thickness (a few feet) rendering it opaque to the light of its own emission frequencies. Another words, the craft remained obscured by the plasma it generated. At no time were I or my son able to discern the actual object enveloped by the plasma, even with the aid of his binoculars. Based on the empirically-derived evidence provided by this sighting I can only conclude the three craft employed a vectored wave filed propulsion system, something that is, to my knowledge, beyond the reach of current earth-sourced technology. At no point did any of the UFOs demonstrate any performance\flight characteristics not consistent with the application of a vectored wave field propulsion system.== Conjecture ==I���d like to wrap this up by offering some observations for which I can offer no supporting evidence, empirical or otherwise. Another words, what follows is a collection of personal opinions, which may be right or completely wrong. When I first observed the 2 UFOs directly overhead, I got the sense they were watching something. As to the questions what they were watching and why I thought they were watching something, I don���t think I���ll ever know the answer. As an aside, I���d prefer to think it coincidence that when I first spotted the UFOs they were positioned relative to one another in a fashion identical to how my son & I were positioned (he was to my right and just a bit in front of me). When the 3rd UFO joined up with the original 2, they did so over a large garbage dump. I don���t know if it was coincidence or if this carried some significance. I also got the sense the three UFOs were exchanging information. I should repeat here this is just personal opinion and I have no way of proving any of this.The flight path chosen neatly skirted around Buffalo and took them in a direction heading for the hills of eastern Pennsylvania, which I thought would be ideal if minimizing the chanceof detection was important. Last, this is an experience that has been as overwhelmingly fascinating as it is deeply disturbing. I don���t think I���ll ever forget this. On balance, though, I sincerely hope I never see even one of these things again.


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