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Fairfield, Texas (United States)

Sighted on Sunday 07. December 2008
Reported on
Shape: Flash, Oval, Sphere, Triangle | Duration: 00:21:00

There is something going on here in Central/North/East Texas and we would really like someone to tell us if it is military or not. The only reason I say that it could be military is that there have been 5 sightings for us beginning on Oct. 20th 2008 through Dec. 7th ( I reported two of them in October but the one last night was the most interesting of all). Last night we had just arrived back to the ranch from Dallas and went out on our back porch to feed our dogs at 8:19 pm. A large red orb was hovering on the horizon (less than 20 degrees from ground). It is not the first time we have seen it so we have gotten in the habit of watching it. It appeared to be between the next ranch over and I-45 but we cannot be sure. It always ends up descending or we lose sight of it over the horizon (not sure). We see lots of air traffic following I-45 so we know that this is different. It is larger looking than regular aircraft and does not have flashing lights. We were watching it last night and as it started to fade or descend another very bright marble size object appeared to the upper left of it (no more than 25 degrees above horizon). This object was very bright and was pulsating very fast with many different colors. It was so different that my boyfriend ran in to get his rifle so we could watch it through the scope. I did not feel comfortable by myself outside so I came in but watched it through the doorway. It was much bigger than any aircraft or light and the colors were rapidly changing ( hard to distinguish what exact colors ). My boyfriend looked at it through the scope and could not make out any shape but the lights were so bright it was hard to tell. As he passed the rifle to me to have a look, the light just went out - like someone had turned off a lightbulb. We knew it was still there, it just went black! We were waiting for something to happen and sure enough several piercing white strobe looking lights came on in a triangular formation, they started tumbling across the sky heading North. It looked like three distinct separate lights but in formation, there was quite a bit of distance between the triangle (at least the length of a football field), it almost looked like the lights were communicating with each other and making a cartwheel type motion. This went on until exactly 8:40 when other air traffic entered this things airspace and it just seemed to vanish. We were left just looking at an airplane traveling North along I-45. He had called his mom who lives in town at about 8:35 and she went outside but her view was obstructed by trees etc. We want to know if more sightings like this have been reported. I do want to add that there are two coal & lignite mines near us and our sightings always seem to be close to the lignite mine. We also have a large area near us that is blacked out on Google Satellite Maps and wonder if it is a military area (there are no bases or anything visible). If someone else has seen this in the Fairfield, freestone County area, please report it!! We cannot be the only ones witnessing this. I have a few pictures from one previous sighting but I do not have good equipment and it just looks like specs.

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