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Alta, Wyoming (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 11. December 2008
Reported on
Shape: Star-like | Duration: 00:06:00

I glanced out the window and noticed star-like light that was too low to be a star, as there is a mountain range there. I went outside to watch it to try to figure out what it was. After watching it for about one minute, I noticed it was moving very slowly in an upward direction. After about another minute had passed, there were two of these star-like lights. They were both moving in an arc pattern, back and forth, like a set of parenthesis. So I stared at the objects, waiting to see if they would come closer. They did not, instead after about three minutes of moving slowly back and forth, the one on the north side changed to four dimmer red lights that slowly faded away. The remaining light seemed to stay in the same place for about another minute, before turning to four red lights and fading away. Being a pilot, I know this was like no aircraft I have ever seen.

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