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cms/tg, Massachusetts (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 13. December 2008
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Shape: Circle, Disc, Other, Unknown | Duration: Undisclosed

The person from AZ with multiple unexplained experiences inspired me to share some occurrences/experiences of my own throughout the years, after I read their collage. These experiences had happened to me and to some others who with me. This will be a long read- just like the AZ stories.Some stories told here are approximate dates/ages that it happened, they go as follow:I am 40 years old this September that just passed. When i was about 6-7 years old, i was going to my bustop in the neighborhood, which technically was at the top of my yard. We had a large yard, so it seemed like a mile to me, lol.i saw a huge illuminated object with clouds passing over it. the clouds were passing by very fast. I ran across the yard staring up at the sky yelling for my mom cause i thought it was a UFO. thank God my mom explained to me that it was just the sun covered by fog & clouds. *Later on we moved to a remote area on a mountain top in Tionesta, Pa. I was about 8-9 years old and I can remember gazing out my window, looking across the large front yard & across to the field across the street. it had to be about midnight, maybe 11 O'clock-ish, in that hour.I watched a strange shaped internally white lit object descend on a slight arch shaped like a lima bean attached to another lima bean. It was fairly big considering i was viewing it from a second floor window of an old farm house and the fields were huge. It was traveling sideways across and was coming closer to the tree's horizon and then seemingly disappeared behind them.This object had no tail. it was just bright flourescent internal white light coming downward on an arch path. No noise either that i could hear. The window was wide open. i lost sight of it and did not see it reappear.*In or about the same year, i was walking home from one of my only neighbors & crossing a very short section of woods that led into the field I spoke about above in the last story. The rule by my mom was come home before dusk turned into night. It was getting dusky behind me, a little lighter in front, but not by much. the sky in front of me was like a light light purple, behind me it was definitely a darker purple-ish blue.I came to the clearing at the edge of the field mentioned & saw far off in the distance three lines in the sky, starting north, finishing south. (appearing up & down) The lines when first noticed were bright orange in appearance, then the lines started to change to black starting from the bottom to the top, then they changed to bright orange again. At this time, I paused no more and ran the heck home faster than the wind it seemed.I do not know what happened to the lines after that.*At the same residence, in about the same year, I was playing on a large flat rock in the back yard, with rolling fields that went on forever. from this rock, I liked to shout to hear my echo. It was fun back then as i can remember. I heard and seen a flat black copter with no markings, no windows except for the front that appeared to be blacked out or tinted, of sort fly overheard at a low alititude and keep going until i could not see it any longer. I am not sure if it was anything to think about, but i did look up military craft in a military craft book and did not find anything similar to its squarish shape, that i was looking for. i never really though about it after.*I was in this same house, when at night, my dad, a non-believer- Went outside to (pardon the "too much information") pee off the side of the porch (found his activity out later on in life) and called for my mom. My mom never did go outside to see what it is he was calling her loud for.I remember him coming in (mom & I were in the parlor watching tv) and him being pale faced and he took my mother aside and was talking to her in another room.She explained to me later on (because i was nervous & needed to make sure my dad was ok) that he had seen a Enormous object hovering above the adjecent field with yellow, blue & red and white lights circling the object and it flew off extremely fast. She said it was nothing he had seen ever before, not even in the military, when he was serving. He was Navy.My mother never got to see it, but she is a believer.*I had moved from the country to the city in 1980. Now it was no longer PA, but now i lived in RI.I would say when I was about 14 years old, I was looking out the window & it was night time real early morning hours when its still dark & looking out the window to the yard below and the sky above in a clearing, I saw what appeared a cigar shaped object, kind of charcoal in color with a red lighted tip zoom quickly past overhead. I am talking extremely fast that I wasnt sure if I had seen what I had seen and being in an apartment I couldnt go look out another window, due to the houses on the other side being in the way. I shrugged this experience off. *When I was about 17, i had become extremely interested in the paranormal. Especially interested in UFO's.I had no more sightings really, until I was about 25 years old. A friend of mine i hadnt seen in ages! had had a major sighting and had wanted me to go to approximately the same area to do some investigating with her, just to be with someone & know she wasnt alone. She wanted to face the same area she had had the major sighting.We went there on occassion and when we did, we would see an occassional white dot in the sky in the night sky going across at a very high altitude dimming in & out of its white color. I had seen a pair flying in formation too far apart to be the lights on an airliner before, they just faded out and vanished from sight, almost exactly overhead. Those type of mystery lights were the kind that we saw most of. Until...The following year, at night time, I am guessing around 10:30 pm or at least at that time of night, I was out with this same friend and a guy I was dating at the time. None of us believed in doing drugs or drinking, so I can assure you, none of us was on anything. We went to a business type area, where all it is is parking lots and lots of business type buildings. We had chosen this type area because it is also very dark and easier to see the sky in a dark and wide open space. We had all sat down on the pavement of a large parking lot and decided to bring binoculars to do a skywatch. It was a warm night. Clear & the sky was filled with lots of stars.We were joking about ourselves being out on a saturday night & skywatching instead of hanging out with a group of friends and eating snacks and watching movies all night long instead. We apparently werent seeing anything in the sky because we began to joke about "Alien Folks" and said even they had better things to do then to come visit earth. Overall we were having fun & in a good mood and joking around while gazing upward.... until.....smack in front of our faces was a large craft, dull bronze (or copper) in color about 500-1000 feet off the ground. the bottom was shaded out due to it being closer to the earths surface. We all flew to our feet and looked up. We were directly under the craft, perhaps off to the side a bit. As i am watching this thing, it looks like a fat disk with a small rim/lip portrusion coming from the sides. No lights, no sound, nothing. I mean it was not there and all of a sudden it was RIGHT there! I seen the extended rim/lip flex as it appeared to stop in mid air & as soon as we thought we were focused on it, it was gone, quickly to the left, my eyes followed as fast as they could and last time i had seen it, it was above the trees in the horizon to the left of where we had seen it last and again it was gone. This time, gone for good. We never seen it again that night. Matter of fact, we discussed it for a while, checked time & wrote the incident down on paper & all went home for the night. It was an amazing experience.*About the same time era, the guy I was dating & I were out in the same parking lot observing again the sky, but mainly there to talk to each other about things.It was about fall time, the trees near the edge of the parking lot were bare and you could see through them, even though they were dense as it was. We were parked facing the trees that lined that side of the parking lot & again it was late. Maybe about 9:30pm, perhaps 10 pm.we were both sitting atop the hood of the car. He and I noticed a glowing pulsating orange orb seemingly going behind the trees we were facing, but more up toward the tops of the trees, making us know that it had to be angle in which we were looking at it that made it appear to behind rather than up above the trees.anyhow, it was pulsating a bright orange/red glow dimming in and out, from dark orange red to orange to dark orange red to orange and kept repeating itself until it finally did clear the tree tops & then it went to a complete bright white (with no dimming)i would say it gave the appearance & size with the naked eye, of a police search light, but it didnt have that type of brightness, just an internal white glow that was intense. When it reached the to line of the trees and turned white, it now seemed as though it was moving straight up and not across anymore. Very slow on its travels. It seemed to go up for a short period of time and then park itself in one position for the next several hours, we seen little white light dots come out of it that were slowly dimming and brightening. Mind you these were so small looking as opposed to the large one we seen park itself. We also witnessed these little white dots coming back to the white object rapidly pulsating like a strobe light, without the rays of light that strobe lights cast outward. At some point we did drive away to try and get a friend to witness this with us, but to no avail. instead we just went back and hoped it was still there, in which it was. It was approximately going on about 3am when we decided to call it quits and leave well enough alone. Upon leaving we did seem to notice a blueish hazy beam going sideways in the sky from this white object, but not exactly connecting to it.anyhow, we did leave & never saw it again after that.*With the same guy, i witnessed not to long after the last incident, a "blue donut" blur a streak in the sky. Downward & upward. it was quick and sweet! It was an object/light that was perfectly shaped as a donut that came downward in the night sky, made a blur streak above it and then shot back upwards again casting a blur underneath its blue donut shape/appearance. Then the intense blue went out & was gone. (The light was the color of the blue in a flame)*I had seen the same object above a chili's resteraunt in the pouring rain, while driving. Same thing, it was there & then gone. I was sitting at a red light and Chili's was right across the street. i seen it high above the chili's and then it was gone. The red light then changed and i moved on.*Later on in life, little experiences include: little white dots pulsating, dimming, fading going back and forth in the night sky every 5 minutes. Some have done zig zags. I have seen alluminum colored little dots, high up, moving slowly (at a snails pace) across the sky. I have seen black dots high up, doing acrobats (as if they were playing) I have seen them closer too wizzing into clouds and such, never coming out the other side. (some of my little experiences)*While in an eight hour shift, working outside the building i have (with a witness) seen 5 silvery objects sitting so still between big puffy full clouds. They sat there for about 5 minutes and then one moved into a cloud and came back to its original position, and when it did, they all moved into the cloud together.*i have seen also while working my 8 hours, a white egg enter the atmosphere, without a tail, without noise and go downward and then come back up vertically and sit still in one position.i had my binoculars in my car and took them out and focused on it. It was just that, a white egg shaped object sitting still. I removed my eyes from the binoculars (but keeping the binoculars in the same place as they were) and could not see it anymore with the naked eye, but when placing my eyes at the scopes again, i could see it. Finally i had no choice but to continue working.*I had seen a flat black helicopter try and land on the trees near my job as well. The windows were not tinted, but i could not see inside & it had no markings. I am not sure what it was or what it was doing there, but it knocked down the cable line to the building. It never completed the landing. It just flew away.*I had also seen in the same vicinity a tube like object, long shaped, that resembled two long (stretched) beer kegs stuck together by a black band around the center fly very slowly over my work place as well. When i went to get my kodak zoom lens camera out of my car, upon looking back up to locate it, it was already far in the distance. it had no sound, no wings. It has been seen more than once, but on occassion.*i have seen with a witness- a group (about 3) black dots crossing the road at an intersection (again small) but obvious they were not planes, they were round. they were not too high either, maybe cloud level. No noise. They moved very slowly and in straight deliberate direct path.* i have seen & with a witness- Two red dots fly up really fast into the sky coming from ground level it seemed. I was standing on a small deck on a second floor.*I have seen and with a witness- a really odd object, cruising over a walmart in MA, with three pale circles of light grouped close in a three formation, no noise. The lights seemed to rotate and then disappear, but when they disappeared, three straight lines formed above where the circles were. It repeated this process over and over again until we could barely see it, at the last sight of it, it was near a woody patch in the sky near the Lowes store not far from Walmart. *i have seen with a witness, a little silvery object at high altitude that appeared to take about 30 minutes or more to move across the sky. *I have seen with a witness a dull bronze unidentified object blending into the sky, but just enough to notice. no sound. go over a old garage and uturn it back the same way and just disappear. It was a seconds sighting. Didnt last long at all. (we were outside viewing 2007 meteor shower night)****the most recent sighting*****I & friends witnessed a fleet of ufo's cross over the sky at a cemetary. It was just amazing, we looked up and saw what looked like vaporous silvery objects all in perfect formation (looked like an army) crossing over the sky above our heads, slightly to the side. There was no noise, no nothing. They had a peculiar way of moving too, one row, one row, one row at at time. They were not that high up, probably at cloud level, because they did enter clouds & we watched them come out of the clouds (when coming out, they were a little out of formation) looking more like silver disks and continue onward. We had seen another large army of Ufo's join up with them and we observed them, took pictures and filmed them until we couldnt see them anymore. It was truly amazing. researched and found no air shows in the immediate area as none were in surrounding areas at the time. This sighting was on August 17 at around 2:30 in the afternoon, broad daylight.If you look under Massachusetts sightings in Mufon, you can see my pictures and possibly a video.I know there are some of you out there saying to yourself, what a flake this person is telling their stories as they think it happened! What nut job!I know there are some of you out there that will read this and enjoy it because perhaps you have had multiple sightings throughout your life as well. Either way, whoever reads this, nothing was made up & I attest that I, myself, as everyone else- does not know, what these objects are. That is why I am sharing all of this writings to all of you, where it is supposed to be, at a Unidentified Flying Object reporting website. Because they are just that UNIDENTIFIED. thanks for reading!Take of it, what you will.

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