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Sublette, Illinois (United States)

Sighted on Sunday 28. December 2008
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Shape: Undisclosed | Duration: Undisclosed

These human shaped/appearing lifeforms have been on our property off and on over the course of the past two years. A friend of mine who used to work with the federal government now retired, told me that pine trees emit the same heat as the human body does therefore that would make them invisible to any aircraft flying overhead with infrared surveillance. These lifeforms have the ability to shrink and grow in a matter of only a few seconds from the size of a dime to the height of full size adult, their faces are always covered with a bluish/black motorcycle helmets and the body which also has a similar matching motorcycle suit and when in full adult height is sitting on a motorcycle similar to the common design of a motorcycle but their head lights are much brighter than those of jet aircraft landing light, they travel at lightning fast speeds, and hide amongst the pine trees in the daytime, but at night they travel through the countryside in the area for reasons undetermined by me, I do not have cameras or video equipment for capturing this type of still and video of any quality that would support the actual visual sightings I have witnessed in these trees, and there are millions of these creatures living in the pinetrees in our backyard, its almost like a city of aliens larger than chicago, il in our backyard.....I can only hope that you not take my word for it and send some of your best photographers and videographers here to witness this phenomena themselves, because you will be awestruck to say the least by the activity here....these aliens I had once believed to be an only one dimensional figure, I now believe to be a six dimensional figure because if you were in a cube you could see their figure on every wall face including overhead and below you but not see them standing in front of you, or if they would to be a ghostly entity as it past thru your body.

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