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Ballinger, Texas (United States)

Sighted on Friday 02. January 2009
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Shape: Flash, Star-like | Duration: 01:30:00

I was deer hunting on the morning of the aforementioned date and it was still completely dark when I got to my deer stand. The deer stand is a 12��� tripod that has a 360 degree swivel chair and can be covered by a canvas; except the canvas was off and only the metal frame was around me. While sitting, at chest height there is a square bar that goes all around me and is connected to the floor by four vertical bars. Four metal bars are connected to this chest high bar at each corner and extend up where they are connected at the top by another square bar. The very top has two bars that form a cross, connected to each other in the middle and topping off the entire frame. This cross of the bars forms 4 ���quadrants��� that I separated the sky with as I was looking at stars.I was facing the northwest looking at the upside down big dipper and a group of stars below it. The group of stars (I���ll call reference stars) occupied about the same space as the big dipper, but is shaped as such: two stars lined up on a horizontal axis between the ground and the big dipper at about the same distance away from the big dipper as the width of the top of the pot on the big dipper. The stars were as fr apart as the stars on the handle of the big dipper. Two other stars sit on a vertical axis off to the right of this; the top star is underneath the second star of the handle from the end of the big dipper at about the same distance as the stars on the handle of the big dipper are from each other. The bottom verticle star is on the other side of the axis of the horizonal stars at about the same distance as the top vertical star is from the same axs. In between those vertical stars there appeared an object about halfway between them and to the right. The horizontal stars ���pointed��� right to this center object. Again, the vertical and horizontal stars were the reference points I used to verify movement.As I was looking at the big dipper and seeing ���twinkles��� of stars and some shooting stars all around me, I saw the twinkle of the object that appeared to be a star. It was a brighter than normal twinkle that caught my attention. As I stared and focused on this twinkling star I noticed it was slightly moving in random directions, but maintaining its presence within a very small area. If you were to look briefly at the ���big picture��� it would just appear as a regular star. As I watched this object to continually verify to myself that this object was indeed moving, I saw another brighter-than-usual twinkling of an object just to the left of this one and another tiny ���star-like��� object appeared. It wasn't star-shaped, it was the same brightness as an average star. This object darted to my lower left in a straight line as a shooting star would do and slowed to a near stop next to a couple of very faint stars. It moved randomly as the first star was doing and then disappeared. I strained for a few minutes to see it, but it was definitely gone. At this point I was very excited and intrigued. As I looked back at the first object I identified I noticed that it was still moving ever so slightly in a random fashion, yet maintaining its presence in a very small area, relative to my eyesight. At that point I saw another twinkle in about the same place as the previous one and yet another star-like object appeared. I thought, "Oh my gosh!" This object flashed as a twinkle and its glow went back to the same brightness as an ���average��� star. It then traveled in an easterly direction in a not-so-straight line. As I was looking at this object and looking back and forth at this one and the first one, I lost sight of the moving one because it picked up its speed, got very dim and then disappeared. I lost it when it got about the same distance away as the one that moved in the other direction from the point of their origin. Several times I focused in on other stars and verified to myself that they were indeed staying still, and the objects in question were definitely moving.At this point I got my binoculars out; Bushnell 16 x 32 (188ft. at 1000 yards). These are small binoculars so it was difficult to focus and maintain a steady position. At a couple of points I was able to focus in on the object for a couple of seconds to see what I would describe as a spinning ���ying and yang��� symbol. It was spinning counter-clockwise. I lost focus on the object and couldn���t regain focus because I was excited and intrigued so I leaned my head back and rested it on the corner bar behind me to get steady without the binoculars. I stared at this object for a long time, thought deeply about it and witnessed continual movement in an area tiny enough to conceal its movements; if I stuck my arm out in front of me and made a one inch square it would have stayed within that one inch square. It almost got out of alignment a couple of times in reference to the other vertical and horizontal stars, but still maintained its presence in a very small area. This activity continued until it started getting daylight and I lost sight of all stars. I eventually shifted my focus back on hunting and later told my friend in camp about my encounter. I was talking with excitement and sureness of what I saw. It was as if these objects came in through our atmosphere in a flash all in the same general area, and then moved in their respective directions. So I just continued to look at the first object. It not only helped to have the stars as reference points, but the bars that crossed at the top of my deer stand also provided a stationary reference. The wind was calm, and the morning was absolutely clear. I had Lasik surgery in my left eye about 7 years ago that vastly improved my vision. I witnessed several shooting stars that morning, but there is no doubt in my mind that what I witnessed, by definition, was several unidentified flying objects. It wasn���t a close encounter by any means, but it convinced me that someone or something is among us either as a hidden residence or as a visitor. I now believe and I will never look to the sky in the same way ever again, and I will always look at that general area to see if I can see them again.

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