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Peetz, Colorado (United States)

Sighted on Monday 19. January 2009
Reported on
Shape: Circle, Star-like | Duration: Undisclosed

I was on my way home from a Wild Game Feed at a local church when I was headed west on Road 8 out of Lorenzo, Nebraska when I noticed what looked like a bright star or planet off to the west. What was odd about this was that there were no other stars visible around it in the night sky. As I approached closer to this object in the west I noticed a new smaller object/light that mysteriously just appears to the south of it. This little star-like object seemed to be twinkling many different colors. The big one was just a bright white orb. At first I thought that perhaps it was Mars and Venus, or some such normal occuring planet formation in our night sky. But as soon as I noticed the smaller one gaining in altitude more than the larger one that I wasn't any longer looking at stars or planets. The did now appear to be within our atmosphere too. After traveling about eight miles west, I turned south towards my home. At this point I became concerned about the lights because they seemed to now both be flashing or changing colors. The white big one was now turning a light orange color. The smaller one seemed to be coming closer towards my vehicle. I pulled over to see if I could discern anything about them that may seem normal or familiar, like a plane might do. I didn't...they just seemed to be remaining colored lights. The little one even seemed to be moving towards my vehicle like it was targeting it. So, I pulled it out of park and started making my way home at a pretty good speed. The big object now began to turn a redish color and started moving, instead of hanging or hovering where it was. The fact that it changed from orange to red really alarmed me. I pulled up to my house in the country and told my wife to come out side rather quickly so that she could confirm what I had seen. As I was waiting for her, I noticed that the smaller light disappeared and that larger light moved a good distance to the south and began descending toward the red blinking lights of the Peetz Wind Turbine Farm. It almost appeared as the red light was trying to mimic or camouflage itself among the wind towers. When I went to look at the big object in my binoculars i was red in the middle and orange on the outside. This object bounced below the horizon to the west and then reappeared for a short few moments and then descended again. At the tail end of this event I started hearing planes overhead that looked likethey might have been military aircraft flying rather slowly as if to be monitoring the area.

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