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Palm Bay, Florida (United States)

Sighted on Tuesday 20. January 2009
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Shape: Other | Duration: Undisclosed

UFO Chased by Fighter Jet on 1/20/09 Florida's Space Coast:My wife and I were coming home from the store she was driving I was a passenger. We were traveling west on Emerson Rd. I saw a very large strangely lite object approaching from the north west. I thought it might be a helicopter at first when it was really far away but as it got closer and turned slightly to cross our path I saw it WAS NOT a helicopter. The thing that made me notice it first was it had the wrong colored lights - it had 5 ��� 6 orange- yellow- whitish lights bigger than a plane and arranged in an odd pattern. It didn���t have any blinking lights the lights were on the front and back, 3 ��� 2 respectively. It was very big. As it got closer I said to my wife ���hey that���s not a plane what is that��� she said ���oh my god what is that thing��� as it got closer and passed in front of us you could see a very big octagonal shaped grayish metal big thing for lack of better words. At that point my wife got in the left turning lane to make a u turn to follow it, it was moving very slow but than all of a sudden a fighter jet blew by the thing a few hundred feet under it. This thing made NO NOISE at all -- we had the windows open and were leaning out of van to see it ��� you could here the fighter jets engine scream by us - the jet was coming from the south east. At that point we made our u turn to chase the thing but it must have sped up dramatically because up to than it was moving very slow. The fighter jet must have made a u turn also because it went chasing this thing to the south east and it was moving I mean I didn���t even see the jet the second time I just heard the thing scream by our van -- my wife saw it because it was on her side of the van. We tried to follow for a mile or so but they were going to fast and we lost sight of them. Now I watch the ufo shows and believe in this stuff but this was unreal. I���ve seen lights in the sky before and have always identified them to be a plane or something normal but this was very frightening and just no way this was anything normal. You could see this was not a plane or helicopter or blimp you could see it was VERY Big and all one thing not a bunch of little planes you could see it was a solid grayish metal you could hear it made no noise and you could see this jet could see it also. The reason I am telling you this is because I want to know if anyone else saw this. It was 7:00 PM lots of cars on road. We see everything here you can watch the space shuttle launch from my driveway ��� NASA shot a rocket up just on Saturday. Military planes always flying around here. Not the little fighter jets but those big ones like tamker planes so I know what all these things look like ��� wish I had a camera with me because that would have been a picture of a UFO not a strange light. One other strange thing and this is probably a coincidence ��� the whole neighborhood had a blackout (power outage) for 30 ��� 45 seconds about 15 minutes after the sighting.

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