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Lawrence, Kansas (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 28. February 2009
Reported on
Shape: Star-like | Duration: 00:00:07

I made a map that shows where I was standing and a landmark on the ground that lined up roughly with the direction of the object.http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?hl=en&ie=UTF8&msa=0&ll=39.008847,-95.241079&spn=0.01574,0.038624&t=h&z=15&msid=101526258472004611186.000464081a7d019651ef6First off I want to disclose that I follow UFO news closely. I've read about what to do during a sighting. UFOs were even faintly in my mind as I surveyed the skies, mainly because Venus was so apparent. Having experienced this, I think my awareness of the UFO topic may have been entirely responsible for the experience, in that I was actually searching the skies somewhat purposefully, and that I feel obligated to fill out a report over an experience that an uninterested person would probably just shrug off. I almost shrugged it off myself, but part of me knows I simply saw what I saw and should take logical action.I was out for a walk along a walking path that runs on top of a dike, on the north side of the Lawrence river.The sun had been sinking below the horizon and the stars were coming out faintly. What I suppose is Venus was shining very brightly near a crescent moon. I noticed a faint light with no blinking heading from South to North at a steady rate. I thought this was strange, but could be a satellite (for all I know). It faded quickly from sight, but I kept watching the skies as I walked back near my vehicle.A few minutes passed. I was scanning the skies and suddenly noticed a fairly dim star rising straight up. This continued for around 7 seconds until it slowed and stopped. It was brightest when I first saw it, and as it rose it got dimmer and dimmer. Where it stopped, it was nearly too dim to see. I would have never noticed it without seeing it proceed there from a lower altitude.I understand it may not make much sense that I saw the object as rising straight up rather than going a cardinal direction, but this was my perception. The changes in brightness may have been what gave me such a sense of its movement.There were two other stars of similar brightness (that is to say, not very bright) to the left and to the right of my first sighting of the object. They served as a reference point.When I saw it, I thought that it had been sitting stationary between these two stars, but I can't say that for certain. I certainly felt at the time that I was seeing a star suddenly move up a distance and then stop, but I realize now that may have been a false impression. It could have been going up continually and I only noticed it when it passed between these two other stars.The overall impression I got was this was an object that appeared like a star, but was actually hovering motionless in our atmosphere, surprisingly so. When it moved I realized that it was close (relatively), not a star at all. It was still too far off to see anything more than a dim light similar to a star.I counted hand-widths to various points (I was standing on a dike, which is elevated above the ground twenty feet or so):The two other stars, and the point where I first noticed the object were 5 hand widths up. The object traveled a full hand width up to 6 hand widths.You can see on my map that I was looking in a North Easterly direction.The point on the map where I was standing is exactly where I was standing. I made note that I was next to a sign which is at the end of a lay of rocks along the side of the dike (visible on Google Maps). I also made note that the object was roughly in line with the lights from some buildings on the ground, which I also marked on the map. The speed was very constant, like that of an airplane, but this was no airplane. Imagine a model airplane hanging on a string above you. Suddenly it is pulled straight up by the string for a distance and then stops, almost like an adjustment of height.Part of me wonders if it was actually traveling at a very high rate of speed. It seemed to be traveling across the sky at about the same speed as jetliners appears to, but is was a faint point of light, suggesting it was much farther away, and consequently traveling much faster than a jetliner. Of course it could have been a tiny object than a jetliner and been much closer. These are just thoughts.I know the time was within a few minutes of 7 o'clock.The object remained very faintly visible, and easy to lose sight of. It was bitterly cold out, so I drove away.My feelings were pretty steady, that is surprised but not overly emotional. I have looked at UFO evidence quite a lot, and though I don't have any concrete views, I would not be incredibly surprised to see most anything.I've been looking at the skies a quite a lot for a few years and this is the only odd thing I've ever seen, though I did see a green fire ball briefly once, I assumed it was a meteorite.


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