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Bronston, Kentucky (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 20. December 2008
Reported on
Shape: Disc | Duration: Undisclosed

As I was walking out the front door looking into the southern sky, it was a clear day. I shielded my eyes from the sun with my hands as I looked up at a commercial jet contrail heading north across the sky. Then I saw 3 single jet contrails converging on a spot in the sky and when I looked at that spot, I saw a small disc in the sky slowly tilting. As it tilted it caught the sunrays and became very shiny and then began rippling and disappeared totally from sight. The 3 jets still converged on the disc location but the contrails slowly disipated and they no longer were visable. I immediately came into the house to call my brother-in-law and was talking to him about what I saw. I then heard helicopters flying over the house. He advised me to hang up as we would speak about it in person. I ran outside to see 2 plain black helicopters fly over. My brother-in-law said he could see the copters from his front door (he lives about 3 blocks away from me) and as we were talking about what I saw, one of the copters made a sharp turn and flew over his house. At that point we dropped the subject and hung up our cell phones.About two weeks later, I was talking with a neighbor in my living room about what I saw. He lives across the street from me. We talked for quite awhile on this subject, when we heard helicopters flying over my house again.We went outside to see 2 plain black helicopters fly over the house. Needless to say, we ceased talking about the subject again. I am beginning to believe.....THEY CAN HEAR EVERYTHING!That's what happened on Dec. 20th. I will never forget what I saw.Respectfully,David

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