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Estes Park, Colorado (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 06. June 2002
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Shape: Disc | Duration: Undisclosed

To quickly preface this��� I���m currently writing a book about an important scientific discovery located within the Rocky Mountains of the United States, known as the WIS (Western Interior Seaway) Impact Project. This unique discovery has allowed me to be the first person to locate and study the first major physical evidence of the dinosaur extinction, which occurred 65.2 million years ago. This physical evidence exists within an ancient 300 ft tall by 75 mile wide asteroid impact debris pile. The physical evidence located within this debris pile includes: Fossil dinosaur bones (millions), showing evidence of high speed ballistic impacts, along with strange "signature" impact materials from the impacting asteroid, such as large iron (Fe) spherules (millions), some of which, are so strange, that do notcurrently register as any known substance thus far within several series of professional testing.A strange thing happened on June 6th 2002��� This occurred at the WIS discovery site, during the fifth and most important day after the initial discovery of the impact debris pile itself. I would estimate that it was about 9:20 pm. It had just gotten dark on the ledge of a mountain where I was camped. The camp was located about 1 mile away from the original discovery site. I was inside the tent when my father (and recently deceased co-partner) called out to me about a bright light moving across the sky. I figured he was either seeing the Space Station or a satellite in orbit. I walked out from the tent, and also saw a bright whitish light streaking across the sky at a high rate of speed. I instantly knew that no plane could cover that distance so quickly. The light reached us in about 1-2 seconds after I walked out of the door. The light then literally stops and hangs in mid air over the initial WIS discovery site location. It hangs perfectly still for about 1 1/2 minutes. Then...it changes course direction and shoots off at an incredibly high rate of speed again. Both me and my father sat discussing the incident for about 5-6 minutes until we noticed that two Air Force jets (flying in formation) came chasing after the object in question. The two military jets changed course direction in the exact same spot as the lighted object in question had also performed minutes earlier. That concludes the facts as I know them. It is now pure speculation as to what that object was, and why it was there that specific night. The possibility exists that a ���mini neutron flux��� occurred during this large asteroid impact upon North America millions of years ago. A neutron flux is the process in which heavy elements are created during the supernova of a star. Should this indeed be the case, the WIS Impact Project will introduce a series of new stable elements that mainstream science has not yet seen before, such as unfamiliar isotopes of iron (Fe) and possible theoretical elements like Element 115 and beyond. Most of the materials within my research samples do not seem to have the actual weight required to be considered one of the ���super heavy��� element groups. It will likely turn out to be an unusual isotope of iron (Fe) and other surrounding elements on the periodic table. These samples need immediate access to the most advanced testing equipment around the world. I have sincerely dedicated most of my time to the WIS Project and still research steadily to figure out ���that��� strange connection ever since. This project involves a dedicated knowledge within 8-10 separate areas of academic science. No single person has achieved a degree within that many fields. They simply don���t exist. By the beginning of 2003, I have only existed within a scientific monastery in near complete isolation ever since, pondering and working to further understand the true aspects and importance of this incredible discovery. I thought that you might find this project and that strange occurrence interesting, and possibly worthy of further research on your part. Please feel free to actually review the evidence and view the ���information��� and ���evidence photos��� located on my web page.{pid}Simply click the ���Photos��� button, and browse through the WIS ProjectPhotos album.I would really appreciate it any opinions���For the world is hollow���and now I have touched the sky,Quentin {pid2}WIS Project ScientistField & ResearchCMS/jat/pid} Test moved to Narrative


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