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Richmond, Virginia (United States)

Sighted on Sunday 29. March 2009
Reported on
Shape: Circle, Fireball, Flash, Sphere | Duration: 00:00:05

At about 9:45 p.m. Eastern, Pauline (wife) was alone having her coffee and a cigarette on the elevated screened-in porch before going to work. It was a warm night after an unusually-high temperature of 80 in the shade during the day with extra-high winds that still were gusting.I was in the kitchen making Pauline���s lunch for work when I heard her yell in an excited voice, ���Jeff, Jeff, come here, quick!��� I exited the kitchen as fast as I could through the French doors onto the screened porch and asked Pauline ���What���s going on, what do you want?���She was facing east toward the backyard and said,���I just saw a green meteor thing shoot down from the sky toward the ground!���Pauline is not a U.F.O. buff like I am, but having heard me talk about green fireball U.F.O.s in the past, she definitely would be more aware than many people if she saw something unsual in the night sky that fit the description. It was the first time that Pauline had ever seen a U.F.O.I immediately asked if she was joking with me and she said in a serious voice ���No��� and that it really happened. So I began looking east myself in the direction that she saw the green meteor-like U.F.O. After about ten minutes, I decided to exit the screened-in porch which has a roof and venture onto the adjacent deck which is open to the night sky and affords greater visibility in all directions.There was a slight crescent moon and only a few scattered clouds, so visibility was excellent. I then felt ���prompted��� to look in the opposite direction of Pauline���s sighting, west, and after scanning the sky for maybe five minutes and not seeing anything unusual, just stars, including Orion, and a few planes on flight paths into Richmond, I was ���prompted��� to say a prayer.Some people of a decidedly spiritual bent, like ���Prophet Yahweh��� and James Gilliland of Washington State, have been able to ���call down��� U.F.O.s via prayer and meditation, and I suddenly felt ���prompted��� to try it myself.Pauline was in the house getting ready for work, and I said a quick prayer asking God, the Holy Spirit, and Angels to let me see a U.F.O. if there were any friendly E.T.s in the skies.Before saying the prayer, I had been gazing at the night sky for perhaps 15-20 minutes with no results but within 10-20 seconds of saying my prayer outloud, I suddenly and unexpectedly saw a bright white orb U.F.O. appear in the western sky and shoot horizontally from right to left for a couple of seconds before vanishing again. My sighting and my wife's sighting were fast and lasted maybe five seconds each.I was amazed and quickly said a prayer of thanks before yelling to Pauline in the house about what had just occurred. I then called my friend Bryan Capel and left a voicemail on his cell phone about the incidents and then called my parents��� house and told my mom what had happened. I gave Pauline the phone for a few seconds in both instances so she could verify what had occurred.I continued to scan the night sky but did not see anything else. About two hours later, I decided to check out M.U.F.O.N. and was elated to see that the two most-recent reports, at the top of the website, were from Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, Virginia which both lie in an easterly direction from Richmond, the same direction that my wife, Pauline, saw her green meteor-like U.F.O.One report mentioned how TV stations in eastern Virginia had led their 11 p.m. newscasts with reports of fireball U.F.O.s and sonic booms, and a web search led me to discover a story in-progress from WAVY TV that said "hundreds of thousands" of people along the eastern seaboard in North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland also had reported a fireball-like U.F.O. and sonic boom.Reports such as this are consistent with many earlier meteor-like and fireball-like U.F.O. sightings from around the world that have been occuring in the last year with notable events in California, Texas, Canada, and Mexico.

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