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Fredericksburg, Virginia (United States)

Sighted on Tuesday 18. February 2020
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Shape: Oval | Duration: 03:00:00

1.) forethoughts after going through the comments on a story i posted 2 years ago on a reddit thread regarding unexplained incidents, i found a link that a user posted suggesting that i submit the details of my story to your group, mufon. i will be copying and pasting the contents of my story from that post here now, as well as providing a link to the original post itself. another note, i did not reveal my exact location in the original post, but i will tell you for posterity that this occurred on spotswood furnace road in fredericksburg, va. the object was first spotted from near where another road, called us ford, intersects and ends onto spotswood furnace. the dam is not visible from this location due to trees, but it is just beyond those trees who are not taller than 50-75 feet, and only about a half mile away from the reservoir and dam.The dam mentioned in the story is known as hunting run reservoir, and at that time, had only recently being excavated and filled. it was probably only in operation for a few years when these events occurred. 2.) below this line, i reproduce the story in its entirety. --- this happened to me about 10 - 15 years ago, in my early 20's or late teens. i don't think i've ever really, honestly considered what i saw. i've told the story to a handful of people, and each time they've all had the same response: aliens. honestly, i don't have a better explanation. i just don't know. my best friend, his younger brother, and myself were headed towards their home, late one autumn night. we were coming in from the downtown area in an old civil war town, located smack-dab between dc and richmond. most people's houses in that town are accessed by one highway that runs the length of the entire county, but my friend's house was way out in the boondocks. now, you could go way down that highway and eventually make it there just fine, but there was a much faster route using the backroads. of course, we took the backroads. we weren't strangers to those country roads. the brothers i was with had ridden on them their whole lives, and i'd lived been around long enough to have grown comfortable with them as well. truth be told though - they were creepy, and dangerous at night. (people drove way too fast out there. lots of accidents.) as we wound through the heavily wooded, serpentine streets, we came to a four way stop. straight ahead of us was a dirt road. yep. that's the way were heading. (it was one of the only dirt roads in the whole town, as far as i know.) now, like i said, we knew this area, and driving down that dirt road was nothing new. we did it all the time. it's strange, though. see, the road leading up to it is paved, then it suddenly just becomes dirt and rocks for about a mile or so, then back to normal, state-maintained road again. not sure how it ended up like that. in any case, we went right on down that road. up until then, it was a totally average night for us. the rocks and sticks we're driving over have the car shaking like mad, and the trees are so thick overhead that you can't see a star in the sky. we're just chatting away, laughing, listening to music in my friend's ancient thunderbird. (looked like this one. ) we round another sharp turn, and the car hits one last huge bump before the mud gives way to asphalt again. my friend begins to bring the car up to speed, and the looming forest thins, revealing a star-studded sky and rolling cow pastures on either side. "holy fuck! stop the car, man!" his brother yelled from the backseat. it scared the living shit out of us, because he'd been quiet for a little while. my friend asks what his problem is, and his brother starts gesturing out of his small window in the backseat. "there's something over the dam!" we couldn't see anything out of the windshield just then, but his brother is freaking out, pulling his seatbelt off and telling us to stop the car. my friend hits the breaks, and his brother bends me in half as he folds the seat forward to get out from the backseat. his brother scrambles out as the car rolls to a stop, and runs up in front of the car a few paces. "what the fuck is that?!" my friend and i jump out, and run up to where his brother is standing, and...Holy shit. what the fuck is that. about a mile up the road we were heading down was a rather large dam, about 150 feet in height, and twice that across. (we used to sled down the hills that led to the top, so i'd been up there many times.) you couldn't see it from where we were because of the topography and another forest beginning a couple hundred yards ahead. still, we knew exactly where the dam was located from the spot we were standing - and something massive was hovering just above it. i'll do my best to describe the...Whatever it was. it's a sight that i still can't believe i actually saw. i can't really give an accurate estimate on its size, but i'll say it seemed to be pretty god damned huge. easily twice the size of the dam wall itself, and i feel i'm being extremely conservative on that estimate. it seemed to be ovoid in shape, something akin to a football with too much air pumped in, and bulbous at the top and bottom. the most striking and blatant feature, however, was the lights adorning this thing. they were bright, neon fucking green. a few shades darker than the uranium cylinders you see on the simpsons, but glowing just like that. one massive beam/bulb sat at the bottom of the thing, which i imagine seemed even brighter to me as it would have been reflecting off the surface of the reservoir that it hovered above. (from our vantage point, i believe it couldn't have been more than 100 feet above the surface of the water. very low to the ground.) running up and down the sides of the thing in lines (imagine the latitude and longitude lines on a globe) were rivulets of the same green light, though these were not nearly as bright as the one at the bottom. and so, we just stood there for a minute, slackjawed i'm sure. i remember after the intitial shock passed, the first thing i felt was an intense wave of dread. it was just too fucking close. people see shit like this way up in the sky, so far away that the camera zoom wobbles like a top when they try to film it. i just felt that i was in genuine danger. it quickly overpowered the sense of awe that had first hit me. that dam probably wasn't even a mile from where we were standing, and what's more, my friends house was literally across the street from it, at the top of the hill. i can't rightly say much about the thoughts i had, or what i may have said in those moments - i just recall feeling overwhelmed, and more afraid than i've ever been of something...Something like that. it's hard to explain. different fears all have their own subtleties and emotions when you experience them, ya know? like being caught in a rip tide doesn't feel quite the same as being told you have to bury your dog. it was completely unique, and extremely visceral. the next thing i knew, my friends brother had pushed me in the backseat, and we were flying down the road towards that dam. "keep an eye on it!" he said to his brother. "i can still see it now, but as soon as we hit those trees, i won't be able to see it anymore." i finally piped up. "guys, fuck this. let's go to my house, i don't want to go near that thing." they weren't hearing that though, and i don't blame them in hindsight. you don't get to see shit like that, ever. but i was well-and-truly-fucking-terrified. his brother was right, we lost direct sight of it moments after passing into that forest, but the light it was pumping out was so brilliant, mixing with the fog rolling of the reservoir, that we knew it was still there. in 10 seconds or so, we would be out of those woods, and at the top of the massive hill that led down to the dam. still, just before that, the road took a pretty large dip, and a very sharp turn that had to be taken at 10 mph, or you'd wreck. we came out of that turn, and were climbing the last ridge before the dam hill. that thunderbird was screeching when we sped out of those trees. the brothers were laughing with excitement. it felt like a battlecry. but of course, that fucking thing was gone. and i was relieved. from the top of that hill, you could see the whole reservoir, and anything else in a 3 mile radius not blocked off by trees. he hit the brakes, and they hopped out with me shortly behind. we all craned our necks, looking to the horizon, to the sky, for any sign of that thing. but it was just gone. i'll say that we didn't hear any sound from it when we saw it about a mile or so off, and we didn't hear it leave as we approached it. (though, the car really was loud and it's completely possible that we just couldn't hear it over the engine.) and the size of it...It was mind-boggling. more because of how close we were to it. because it wasn't the size of a sky-scraper or anything. still, i know had i been at the top of the hill when i'd seen it that it would have dwarfed the dam in comparison. this has gotten way longer than i intended, but i wanted to give a thorough account of the events. hope i didn't leave anything crucial out. what do you guys think? was it aliens? something else? who knows. what's funny is that i'm not sure that we ever talked about this again outside of the week immediately after it happened. i've never even thought about that. i'll answer any questions you may have if i can! --- 3.) link --- https://reddit.Com/r/askreddit/comments/6y89fo/what_is_your_goto_creepyunexplained_story_this/dmo5nsb/

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