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Sliven, Sliven (Bulgaria)

Sighted on Thursday 08. August 2002
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Shape: Blimp, Circle, Fireball, Sphere, Star-like | Duration: Undisclosed

Hi everyoneMy story is a short one but nonetheless it was unexplainable(at least to me).Every night i go out on the balcony of my appartment as a way to calm myself by breathing some fresh air and gazing at the stars.but as i was sitting on my chair i suddenly saw to the west (wich at that time was almost always a flight path for many jets and aircraft) some kind of aircraft i suppose wich had the distinct look of a red star.i dont know the approximate distance from me and the object since i have no idea how large this object was.but i believe it could have been roughly 5-8km.i didnt believe it was a regular aircraft nor a passanger jet of some kind,since the object was at first STATIONARY,it showed no movement,but after about 5 seconds after i saw it it started moving in clockwise direction around me,i had my binoculars for such exact curious events by my side but i was too shocked to even move and i just kept observing its every move.the "object" was glowing a bright redish glow with a clear sphere-like shape altough i cant be certain.if the distance to the object was 5-8km then the object must have been hovering at 1km above the groundroughly calculated that is.Tough the best describtion for this "aircraft" is a red star appearence and a prefect oval red glow around it.as i was sayingit started moving perfectly smooth towards the northeast in a clockwise direction around me,with possibly 800km/h altough it looked relatively slow it steadily went behind the next building and i lost sight of it for about a minute,then it reapeared again with the same flightpath and unchanged route still moving steadily in a wide circle around me(altough i didnt realise this at first).After about 5 minutes it was exactly on the clear horizon to the north of me.at that point for 5 whole minutes i did nothing but gaze at the object and try to figure out what it was,and strangely enough i felt nothing as if it calmed me to watch it(or it could have been the shock of something so significant) When the object reached north it continued to hover and move steadily across again a clear flightpath now towards the east and thensouth east and then (clockwise).After another 5 minutes of staring at the objecs slow movement it reached a spot wich for my view was blocked by several tall trees,i could still see the glow tough(barely)and at that point it stopped moving after completing a perfect 180 degree (half circle) around me after waiting for any signals of lights or any more strange behaviour from the object for about 10 seconds it just stood still and in an instant BOLTED through the sky and i lost sight of it.i still havent seen this odd object,aircraft again to this day...i hope that someone could shed light on what i saw or at least share some similar sighting to help me understand what exactly i sawthanks in advance

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