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Undisclosed, California (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 30. November 2002
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: Undisclosed

BEfore reading this story it's important to note that the sky over woodland was perfectly clear on the night in this report, it was so clear I could easily make out several constellations, like orion in the night sky, from street level. On the night of December 10th, 2005, at approximatly 10:34PM I was bringing in groceries from my car parked in front of my house. Upon closing the car door with the last load of groceries in hand, I noticed three bright orange lights moving south accross the woodland sky. They did not have blinking lights like a typical aircraft, and their movement was very steady. I first noticed them because of their color, they matched the color of a streetlight, only smaller and farther away. They moved without formation at first, one leading the way, with another following slightly behind and farther below. The third followed from a much farther distance and was catching up to the first two lights. I watched in awe, I never thought I would see something like this, especially not in Woodland. I followed them accross the sky as they moved now south west. The first two began to slow allowing the last light to catch up, it proceeded below the other two at approximatly the same vertical distance to the second light, as the second was to the first, but slightly ahead of the second light. They came to a complete and slow stop, and stayed in that formation for about 40 seconds. The lights were now evenly spaced, to each other and at a slight diagonal angle, angling south. Then the 3rd light, the lowest one in the sky proceeded to move further south, but by very little, then stopped once more. I noticed accross the street one of our local teenager population walking down the block and called to him and pointed into the sky, he looked and asked what the fuck is that, to which I replyed, I don't know. He kept walkingIt was at this time that I had the sense to try and capture a photo on my cell phone. Unfortunatly, the street lights, and overall low quality of my phone cam, yielded a picture with a fuzzy and completely black sky, no lights. So I immediatly called my father, my first call met with the typical "I'm sorry the number you've dialed is no longer in service," so I hungup and tried again. This time I got him and told him to run outside now, because I was watching 3 UFO's in the night sky. While I was on the phone and watching the second light moved back north, making the light formation into a triangle in the sky. I was even more interested now, these were no aircraft, and no way in heck these were stars, sattelights, or otherwise, they had made a geometrical formation in the sky! Then something even more amazing happened. My eyes began tracking what looked like a slow moving man-made made its way across the sky, it had blinking lights that were very dim. It was heading north and slowly headed towards the center of the triangular shape formed by these lights. It passed through the middle of this triangle and about 1 second later, the second light, the northmost edge of the triangle shut off, it didn't zoom, blinkout, or flahs, it simply, shut off. It was followed about 3 seconds later by the third and most southern light. The 1st and most verticle light lingered for another 5 seconds before shutting off as well, leaving me with a black sky, no minimal or dim lighting replacing the locations of these lights, as if there would be if they were spotlights of some sort turning off. I don't know what these lights were. I don't think they were man-made because man made civilian or military aircraft operate with minimal hull lighting and with blinking lights on the wings and tailfins, this includes helicopters, this minimal hull lighting gives the appearance of very dim flashing lights slowly travelling accross the sky I saw no such blinking lights, and the orange lights were simply too bright to've been coming from the hull of such a craft. The color of these lights was suspect as well, they were the same rosy orange hue as a typical street lamp, but much farther away. While these lights were not blinding or illuminating to the ground or sky, they were easily bright enough for my peripheral vision to pickup when I first noticed them, which is pretty bright. I am not making a statement as to what they were with this, only a statement as to what I think they were not. If MUFON or its members could find out what plane this may've been that I saw travel between these lights, or if anyone on that flight reported these odd lights, or if there were any helicopters travelling in a group of three with lights that match my description in the sky that night, it would go a long way towards easing my mind.

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