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Huntington, Texas (United States)

Sighted on Friday 09. January 2009
Reported on
Shape: Cigar | Duration: Undisclosed

I could not sleep for some reason. Went to front door and looked out and craft was hovering just above trees. It executed upright manuever and floated down to within 5-8' from ground. Then floated back up and the turned vertical. After a few seconds I heard a uuf sound and there was a rear ignition, now what was strange was that as it ignited it started at the center and spiraled out like a bullseye, then shot of. As it descended I could see what looked to me like 4 red glowing windows. there were no wings on it no any at the rear. My family thought I was nuts until it was in the Lufkin daily newspaper the next day about ufo sightings. I can think of no other explanation other than it must have returned. A small section of woods across the street from me appeared to glow in the dark on the forest floor for 2 nights. Lufkin used to be a hub for Bush inter. Airport but that changed after that time. I had the strangest feeling that the craft was trying to extract something, maybe it did. personally I wish I had never seen it, but I did. Military craft have been active in the sky ever since. This craft executed manuevers contrary to gravity and it was not of this demension, or from earth. I guess I am just imagining but somehow I felt I would see it again, but I guess it was only wishful thinking. I was mesmerized while this happened, unable to call out for my family. I am a retire Lt of police from Houston PD and you wou would think I would have collected some evidence. I have a friend who said his brother shot a picture of it parked near a home but I have yet to see it. I stand ready to assist you, though I have no decent camera or eqpt.

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