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Wenden, Arizona (United States)

Sighted on Tuesday 11. September 2012
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Shape: Oval, Sphere | Duration: Undisclosed

sitting in my back yard i noticed that there was a storm frount coming through the mountain pass from the south 15 minits later a sand storm came through it passed in an other 15 minits then i saw a storm cloud in the pass haeding north in my direction It was dusk not sure of real time. Then i noticed that ther were balls of light in the clouds.I looked at the mountain that were also dark to see if it was my eyes playing tricks on me. the cloud frount was directly overhead in short I decided that I was seeing things and contenued to watch these lights "dance" in this storm cloud that had no rain,. around two hours later I looked south tward the pass and I saw slow moving normal lights fling on the eastern edge of the cloud in single file. Just above me was, what turned out to be the 3rd to the last one. then on of those specks of lghts shot from behind it ,out lined the tail went over the top sht up around feet and cicled at least twice. I thought ok it is a hilicopter since my holucenation just out lined it.Heres the kicker the nextchoppercame the that same spot and turned on his search light and pointed it into the cloud.thats when I realized I was not the only one seeing these things.at that second another spek appeared right in frount of this chopper the pilot wasd it too and,in a jurking motion turned the spot to his frount THE LIGHT WAS AN ORB.It flew over the top of the chopper in annorthly direction.and the came the last chopper with its lights point down with two orbs in it. i kept watching and 20 min later I saw a orange oval on the other side of the yard it moved tward me very slowly, 10 to 15 min, then disapeared next to the house.THERES more but Im not the bvst typest. the cloud finaly passed around 1130 pm.

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