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Moffat, Colorado (United States)

Sighted on Tuesday 14. August 2012
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Shape: Other | Duration: 00:00:05

I took photos of a UFO when I was on my honeymoon in Colorado. In August 2012 my wife and I went to Ouray Colorado to get married.My father had given us a new canon eos as a wedding gift. I was frantically taking pictures throughout the trip. Most of the pictures were of mountains and geology because I am fascinated by it. We stopped at the Alamosa K.O.A. after our first day of driving to rest for the evening. The next morning we mapped out the trip and decided to go north from Alamosa, through Salida, then onto Gunnison and eventually end up in Montrose before we headed south to Ouray. After we departed the KOA in Alamosa, my wife was driving north on highway 17 I was the passenger and wanted to use the camera now that we had scenery. I was taking numerous types of photos trying to become familiar with the camera and all of the settings. I recall specifically taking the photos in question on a multi-pic mode- basically when depressing the shutter button it will take photos as fast as possible when the objects within the frame are in focus. The entire trip was awesome and I took approximately 500 photos.( the orignal photos were numbered 76,77,&78) After arriving back home, I had decided to hook the camera up to my HDTV video input so I could actually see the photos, the 3" screen was killing my eyes. I was deleting all of the out of focus or repeat pictures when my friend came over to see how the trip went. I was showing him some of the photos and that was when he said " what is that?" That was when I noticed the object. I was at a loss for words. I called my father, he said "whatever" I convinced him to come over and look at them, after arriving he was also at a loss for words, considering the object is in 3 frames consecutively and is at different elevations that are easily beyond any current technological capabilities. We quickly copied the photos to a secure SD card and I give him a copy. I did some research and found that was actually a UFO watchtower in Center Colorado, (approx 10-15 miles from where i took the photos) I contacted them with my findings. The lady that runs the place called me and shared some very interesting information with me. A few days after speaking with her I received a phone cal from a gentleman who had spoke with the lady at the watchtower and decided to call me to confirm what I had seen. The guy was a mountain climber and had been stuck on Mt. Crestone( the peak in the photos) by weather when attempting to summit the mountain. After 2 days the weather cleared and he was able to summit the mountain. that was when he saw the "GLOWING PURPLE UFO". It was not until I closely examined the photos that I noticed the object did actually have a purple glowing base to it.


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