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South Fork, Colorado (United States)

Sighted on Friday 27. September 2019
Reported on
Shape: Star-like | Duration: 00:00:06

This is an unremarkable sighting but closely relates to a nearby sighting later the same night so i felt compelled to share. i was in my front yard walking my dog around sometime between 10and 11pm. i was about 6 miles east of the town of south fork not far from hwy 160. there were no clouds and the moon was not up yet. i had been observing the sky and watching for shooting stars for about 5 minutes. while looking toward the northeast horizon i saw a white light flash in my peripheral vision. i turned to look in the direction which was east and nearly overhead. the light flashed 3 more times in a steady rhythm (about once a second). it was a white light and a similar brightness and size to nearby stars. the 2nd flash was slightly south of the first. the 3rd was slightly northeast of the 2nd. following the 3rd flash and with the same timing a 4th flash occurred. the 4th flash was a streak of light. the streak was so fast that it just looked like a line of light blinked in the sky. the streak was about the width of my thumb if i would of held it up to the sky. the streak appeared to travel from east to west. following the streak i didn't see any more lights blinking or otherwise anywhere in the sky. whatever was producing the light looked to be very high up in the atmosphere. the surrounding stars were not blocked by anything. the light i saw was the only starlike object that was blinking. this was not a twinkling effect that is seen sometimes in stars. i regularly observe meteorites, satellites, and all varieties of aircraft from my yard on my nightly dog walks. this was unlike anything i have seen before. the appearance of the light from seemingly nowhere, changing of direction and streak of light lead me to believe this was something special. it was special enough for me to check for mufon reports and find reports of an object with streaking light on the same night but a couple hours later in an area about 20 miles away. i should note that i do not know the other reporter and have told no one of my sighting until today.

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