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Creede, Colorado (United States)

Sighted on Monday 26. July 2004
Reported on
Shape: Round lights | Duration: 30 minutes

I was camping with several relatives and some friends from back home in Oklahoma near south clear creek between Creede and Lake City Colorado. At approximately 11:00 that evening while sitting and watching for satellites, I noticed a bright light to the north moving east low and fast. It was a solid light and moved faster and with more agility than any know military aircraft. Also there was no sound. While observing this light for a few minutes moving east then back west, a much brighter light appeared in the sky to the northeast further over Bristolhead Peak. From this brighter light, 2 or 3 other lights similar to the first seemed to apppear at the same time and almost as if they were coming from this brighter light. The smaller lights went off in other directions and seemed to leave and come back to the brighter light. The first light that we observed went to this brighter light and then later as if it were coming from the brighter light too, went off back to the west only to return to the brighter light again. This went on for some 30 minutes, then as if a switch were turned off every light that was obsevered went out and nothing more was observed. Very odd and being knowledgeable of aircraft, I have seen nothing like these lights, ever. Other information and evidence I have on this sighting I am fearful to give at this time.

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