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Tucson, Arizona (United States)

Sighted on Monday 22. October 2012
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Shape: Circle | Duration: Undisclosed

The following experiences shook my foundation and the emotional charge I reacted with had to dissipate before I could report it here. I found through research on the internet that I witnessed orbs and eventually I learned that perhaps orbs may be part of the ufo phenomena. The first inkling that something strange was happening was in the evening at 11:57pm, in the third week of October 2012 I was reading a book in bed by a dim 40 watt light, with a sheer scarf wrapped around the lampshade too, because I do not want to disturb my husband sleeping. So I was reading my book and then I saw a quick flash of light Over the Top of my Book about 6 feet from my face and about 5 feet in Midair. It was a bright, rich, cool Blue, like a gas flame blue light flashing briefly, the size of it was about 3 inches, irregularly shaped with sharp pointed edges or fire flares. I was startled and weirded out. I quickly looked at my clock to note when it happened, sort of documenting it....I had no evidence other then the time it happened. Then about two days later I was sitting on the edge of my bed play wrestling with my 8 year old boy. I had gone in to get dressed out of my pajamas and he came running attacking me. So we were tussling back and forth and my eye caught sight of a Perfectly Round 12 inch Blue Orb sitting or hovering near the floor by the doorway. The bedroom door was shut and the doubled walled cellular shade was still pulled down over the window from the night before so the room was really dim. I stopped wrestling and stared dumbfounded at this orb for awhile. It sat still and I observed the space around it looking for a possible reflecting light source. My background, studied fine art, worked as a wedding photographer and a scientific photographer, a musician background with awareness of stage lighting design. Basically I am visually trained. So here in my bedroom I am looking for light sources; I wonder if my camera nearby had a flash go off, then I realize my new camera does not have a flash that could project a steady blue orb. I looked under the door to see if the morning sunlight could be seeping in the room, but I determined the sunlight was a thin slit under the door and could not project a large homogenous blue light ball. So running out of reasonable explanations I ask my son to take a look but by the time he turns around the orb just blinked out. Oh, btw, I did take my eyes of the blue ball several times as I was looking around trying to explain it's presence and it remained steady and just sitting there. Ok so I have this magnometer on my iphone and I pull up the app and the thing is buzzing off it's charts and I walk through my house and the magnometer started to drop numbers when I got about 25 feet from the bedroom and further dissipated when I reached the outside porch about 45 feet. oh and my newish digital camera did not work for a few weeks after these events. So totally freaked now, what was in my bedroom, my safe haven? Later in the evening I pull out a flashlight to show my husband how big it was and then I had a big aha moment... I could show him the size of it and how perfectly round it was but the way the light laid across the small box and the floor/wall corner, I could not duplicate what it looked like. It seems that the light ball defied the common laws of physics and although I saw it in a 3-d space but it was not behaving like light should in a 3-d space. I know what I saw but I could not replicate it for my husband. The light waves bent in a way I don't understand. Also the ball did glow brightly but it did not Project light, the light did not radiate beyond the ball, I remember that the space, the wall and floor around it Was Not lit up. The ball did not radiate light but seemed to be completely made of light. Finally about two or three days later I was in the same dim bedroom napping in the afternoon and after the nap I was milling around putting away clothes and I saw another blue orb, this time it was smaller, about 7 inches and it was "hiding" under a wicker shelving cabinet near the bedroom door but about 4 feet away from the other orb location. Well theres more! a few days later the blue flash showed up again. I was in a yoga class about two miles from my home and again in a dimly lit room I saw blue flashes near my body, like two inches away a couple of times.

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