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Punta Arenas, Magallanes y la Antártica Chilena Region (Chile)

Sighted on Tuesday 09. October 2012
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Shape: Cigar | Duration: 00:02:00

i was having dinner with my father and my little brother; next to us was another family composed by a mother, a father and 2 children.the restaurant was inside the second floor of a building, and i could see outside the window. i see this UFO hovering in the roof of the building in front of the restaurant, after which i call it out; we all stand up to look at it, stunned at what we were observing; a massive 10 meter long object with a ton of lights was just floating there, no clue how it got there, just appeared out of nowhere. No one could react and grab something to record; the father from the family next to us said "what is that?" to which noone answered, we were astonished. 2 minutes later this thing just flies away, we just sat and said "that was unreal." for some reason we brushed it off, didn't question what happened and continued eating, as if we were in fear to what that was.

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