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Walden, CO (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 01. May 2014
Reported on
Shape: Metallic ruler | Duration: 15-20 seconds

Initially it starts about a month or two earlier. Sitting inside with my children's uncle, we heard an abnormally loud sound of a low flying jet.. After going outside to see why the sounds were so intense we noticed 2 planes flying in an extremely tight formation. So close infact that the following aircraft was directly in the visual wake of the leading plane. They were big, matching and plain looking like a commercial transporter but extremely low and not once have I seen a pair so close together so far from nowhere. So a month or so goes by and basically the same situation happened, around the same time of day (mid afternoon) as the previous experience. Once again I step quickly out to the back porch shocked by the sounds. Facing south westish I noticed the same jets flying west in the same formation however this time the following jet seems to be lagging behind a little less then the last time, but still oddly close and out of the ordinary. Other than a wall of clouds in the western sky, the rest of the area was clear and blue so I had nothing to inturupt or hinder my path of vision. While ping ponging between them with my eyes already curious from the previous situation I found myself feeling as though something was very odd about these jets and continued to watch in question as they flew past. A short while after they passed overhead I noticed the trailing jet start banking towards the south out of the vapor trail from the leading jet. Quickly understanding that it was odd behavior I glanced back only to see a giant metallic craft in the vapor trail of the leading jet, almost like a metal ruler. It wasn't defined as having sharp corners as a real ruler but from the distance it was at, that's what it resembled. It's odd movements still shock me. Just before that airplane passes over that wall of clouds this thing apears behind it, swaying side to side and slowely lowering in altitude like a falling feather has been portrayed. While its swaying and dropping, it's giving off a 'rubber pencil' effect if you recall what that is!? The jets disappear over or into the clouds in separate directions just as the metallic craft follows but looked liked its trajectory was altered a little as it too headed south in the clouds. Now an odd thing stood out to me after the fact and yet before it. The wall of clouds were so level looking that day you could have put a straight edge on it. All was perfect except one location, the location where the craft appeared. I noticed it quickly before the event because it was like a hook from a pirates claw arching counter clockwise into the sky. It was there before they flew threw it and it was the event location as well. Im not sure the exact dates but I do know it was last summer. Seeing odd things arent new as I've seen many things from adolescent to the current date however this event has really stuck with me and felt I should share it. Thank you for your time, I hope I was able to paint you a decent, understandable picture of what I saw.

[ufo-hunters.com update on July 3rd 2015: Witness sent a sketch and a pic of the location]: "This is my view looking towards the S/SW where the incident occurred. A little left of the center and 3/4 of the height of the picture is roughly the location of the illustration I drew for you, keeping in mind this picture isn't of the actual event. A more recent incident ( one of several) in the skies above the house illustrated some unusual flight paths from a glowing light often dimming in and out. Heading SE high in the sky I notied it while watching the three planes scattered about in the night sky, all heading either E or W. The light seemed to slow down and dim in intensity once overhead the jets. Shortly after it dimmed, still heading SE it all the sudden swung around 180 degrees and proceeded towards the NW, like a paperclip. While heading NW it appeared to slither like a snake continuing until I could no longer see it."


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