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Mineral Wells, WV

Sighted on Monday 02. March 2015
Reported on
Shape: Chevron | Duration: 15 minutes

Chevron of lights sighted along I-77, and again on RT. 14.I was travelling south on I-77 from the 7th Street exit (Rt. 50) heading toward Mineral Wells, somewhere around 21:00 to 22:00 hours, and I saw to the east a UFO. At first, I thought it was a strange light post. It was right after where they put up new light posts, and i thought the lights were going bad on that one, but then I realized it was off in the woods. It was a Chevron the size of about 3 fighter jets wide, and it was hovering quietly over a spot. Because I'm kind of telepathic, I tried to drive passed it really fast. I headed toward Parkersburg on 14 from the Mineral Wells exit, and where the road goes from two lanes to one, I saw a blue and red lights flying too fast for a plane over the terrain. I thought to myself, "Awesomely patriotic, red and blue." Well I could telepathically hear, "We mean no harm." So I went to PIzza Hut to pick up my order in South Parkersburg, and as I was heading home to Mineral Wells, along Rt. 14, I saw it hovering over the hill along side of the road shining its spotlight onto the road near where I saw the blue and red lights minutes earlier. Mind you, this is now west of the interstate and south of its original location. I think it was looking for me because the telepathy thing. I was actually quite scared to keep driving, and I tried to keep with a guy in the left lane just to be around people, and he turned off, so I drove as fast as I could into Mineral Wells exit with the people of the gas stations and restaurants with the craft on my left (looking more coned shape by now) hovering next to me, and I pulled into the Wendy's drive thru, and they said they left the area because I was frightened. That time, I'd say the duration was an easy 2 minutes.

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