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Wisconsin (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 01. September 2016
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Shape: Flash | Duration: 03:00:00

I was outside on my deck which is elevated,i was using my cell phone app.For stargazing.Just to be curiouse.A couple of years ago i had a very strong interest in ufos,ect..Then a couple of months ago it became a daily interest,like finding out information,on it ,watching movies,people working at area 51,all that stuff,then it was like every night like i had to watch something related to this like a movie,or documentary ect..I saw a you tbe video with steven greer.On how you can make a contact if you want so i tried that night around 9pm.After dinner i went on my deck.And this blue star facing south grabs my attention,then out of nowhere a light next to it signals back.I started a conversation to my self saying like a thank you back because someday i wanted to see something,talking to myself as if to say wow that's awesome guys thanks,so i took my phone with the flashlight on it and signald back,thats when everything changed,facing south again i could see this small very faint blue light i knew it was their and we had some connection if i gazed at it for a minute something always happended.This time out of nowhere came this orange type orb or light facing south and it met up with this blue star or light,it was amazing!That was the first night,the second night i went out again and this same routine as i explain happens again with this faint blue light,this time out of nowhere a white light again very close to it signals flashing a few times and then another one would appear and do the same.At this point my anxiety started to kick in because i was excited,scared ect..So i went in the house,but i felt so drawn to see again and again.So i went to my bedroom feeling more comfortable being inside.I open the draped i even took off the screen so i could see clearly,and there it is again the faint blue star lighting up for me and all this is facing south,appears an orange orb like object it was round i think but so bright.So i yelled for my husband to quick come outside with me so he could see,and he did.He ruled out it was a laser,he does not go for anything iv been dealing with,so to make this long story short for almost the last two months everytime i feel the erge to go outside i get a show!. that's how i describe it its been very emotional for me to deal with on and off,in the beginning after the first couple times it was hard for me to go outside,esp when i know i had to not let this all get to me so one night i decided to build up my courage to take my girls and their friends out for shopping and dinner my husband too,i knew that this blue star or whatever was up their might effect me somehow so i just tried to avoid looking to the night sky,comeing and going shopping ect,,but that night as we parked and got out of the car,it was a two minuite walk from our car to the door of the restraint,i couldn't help but notice there it was again like looking down on me then something next to it very brightly trying to grab my attention,so you see this is not just at my home but it is where i could be also,which was in milwakkee 2hrs from our home.Sorry my spelling is bad!So from then till now this still goes on,but now i get very different shows,like i like to call them mostly starting south with the same routine!This has not stopped,there are night i really want to be out,but i need a break this has taken over my life!Im a mom to four children ages 11 -21,my two young girls esp.I have to hold it together for them,i don't talk to anyone about this except my husband,hich has been hard,my mom,and two other people because of my husbands job i have to be carefull.Last sunday it wasn't even a footstep onto my deck and as soon as a blink of an eye i got this unreall explosion of light id say like saying its been a couple of days since we last saw you,it was unreal that night the orange orb came hovering over towards me no lights just like a huge teardrop i want to say.It just floated by it was amazing,then at the very end.Facing south again this flashing appeared and the way it lit up and changed direction was incredible,it was cold that night and i was tired,so as i'm heading in to the house i look back at it and the colors went from white flashing to orange,yellow,white,then as i'm saying to it and myself i really need to go in and this is beutifull what your showing me as i'm walking away and a quick glance back its colors where so red like strobing christmas lights i couldn't help but whatch in under amazement!Then it was like ok ill let you go in !!!,then it fadedand we called it a night.I can tell you i have seen sometimes when i have beed out what appears as an object with strobing lights as it moves over my house,its light are amazing when it moves it jumps up then down or seems to back up moving in different directions but that could be the lights,so with all of this my emotions are all over the place,but my feelings towards people and thing around me has changed i have mor compassion for people,more empathy ect,,and my beliefe in god more understanding that everyday something is all in his hands,and everything that happends in the world good or very bad,its in his control! and iv come to accept whatever this all means to me something good has to come out of all this!.If i went out again tonight i'm sure something amazing would happen again,but every night for the last month and a half has been a different show,and it almost starts out with this amazing blue star or stars facing south.

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