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Fayetteville, NC

Sighted on Tuesday 11. April 2017
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Shape: Disk | Duration: 35 minutes

Several Large UFO sightings over Bladen County, N.C. between 30 Dec 2016 and April 2017.It had been the fifth time this type of UFO has come to our area, which is our back yard. The difference has been its size and distance to My home. Every appearance, has drawn it closer and larger than the last one. The first sighting was on 30 December 2016 @ 2300 hours. It appeared and traveled down the street and above My neighbor's house across the street, then it came over mine. It was so close I could have hit it with a baseball easily. The neighbor in questioned moved from the fear of the incident. This first one was saucer shape, reddish/orange, pulsating as it revolted, silently, eventually speeding incredibly fast over head and east off of Hwy 87. The next two were on 26 January and 8 February, 2017. These two were very similar in size, though larger than the first on 30 December 2016. The one on 26 January 2017 appeared at 2145 hours, with three major reddish/orange lights equal distant apart, with a diamond like object trailing it behind and below the craft. It diamond shape figure eventually joint the major part of the craft from underneath, then flow away as it traverse the trees at a distance. The next one, on 8 February was huge, yet silent as well. It didn't create no sound or disturbance of the atmosphere. It remained steady state for approximately 45 minutes, if not more, because I was lost in its beauty. This one too hard the three reddish/orange glow of lights, equally distant from each other and a trailing diamond shaped object. The only difference with this observation was that the craft was larger than the last and the diamond shaped object moved more distal from the main object and freely over the neighboring homes and streets and tree lines. The observation was the 11 April 2017, and without a doubt, the largest ever observed, and not just by Me, but by My entire family. I've waited a long time to be vindicated by this current sighting, because all the others were seen by Me and when reported to My family, it was received rather unappreciated. Then this sighting! occurre d and I was vindicated. Like I said this one was the largest of them all, were every detail could be observed by everyone. It too had the three reddish/orange lights equally distant, the bottom base could be seen perfectly, which demonstrated were the diamond shaped craft would descend from and the full range of what else there was underneath the UFO. The bottom part, as I said, had the diamond shaped craft, along with what appeared to be a silvery bracket holding it in place, with some lighting as well. You could see the way the edges of the UFO curved upward, all the way around. The top seemed like a shimmering light blue glow about it. Once again, it was silent, and I expected some sound, considering the size of this UFO. The size, without question, had two be 3 and half times the size of My house, because as it traveled over it. It had extend equally on both ends, which would make it over 3 times 76 feet in diameter, since My home is 76 feet long. Making it more than 275 feet in diameter.The only thing I question id why now? Why these recent visits to My area, and almost the exact same area. Truth be told, since moving out to this area in 2005, I've since UFOs land near by, even to the extent of leaving circles in My back yard. Some time floating between My property and My neighbors, but never this large or this close. There must be something going on around here, if not with Me, since I've had several experiences in My entire life with these things, and for generations apparently.((NUFORC Note: Source of the report elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))

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