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Stevens Point, WI

Sighted on Thursday 15. June 2017
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: 1.5 minutes

Bright White Sphere Flying Above Street.Our two-story house sits on the north side of a street that goes east/west. We are directly at the end of a T intersection. Another street starts at this intersection and goes south.On June 15, 2017, at 19:30 (7:30pm), I was doing some planting in front of the house. The sky was clear and the sun was nowhere in my line of vision. Standing, I had turned and was facing a large flat window on the house, about 3.5’ from me. The window faces south. Because of the thermal properties of the window, during daylight it is difficult to see anything inside, and everything outdoors is clearly reflected back. I happened to be looking at the distinction of everything reflected and saw a bright white sphere, approximately 20” in diameter, travel east to west about 35’ directly above our street. It was traveling about 41 mph, if my calculations are correct. It did not waver up, down, or side-to-side. It appeared to be following the street. There was a slight visual softness about it that I consider to be an aura. It produced no audible sound. I turned around to face the street and search the sky to see if it might return. I’m still standing there one minute later (with the house to my back) when directly above me I see the sphere re-appear about 10’ above my house, going north to south at the same speed as before and again, absolutely no audible sound. This time, when it gets to where the edge of the street starts in front of the house, without hesitating it dips down about 5’ and continues to fly straight south. I noticed, instead of flying directly over the road like it did when it went from east to west, it flew about 15’ to the west side of the north/south road and flew just above the tree tops. There did not appear to be any comet’s-type tail or other lights, only a complete bright white sphere. I immediately recognized it as being the same type as I had encountered twice previously.This sphere is the same, if not identical, as what I saw and had hit my car while driving on the interstate on August 26, 2016, (3 miles away but also at the same time of day - please see that report) and also on October 22, 2016, (same location as now on the street that intersects with ours but during the night and that one flew south to north and further to the west off the intersecting street – was also witnessed by another person – please see that report).For more than 20 years, we often stargaze at night, watching stars and satellites. These white spheres are unlike anything we’ve ever seen.((NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with the witness, and we were impressed by her apparent sincerity. We suspect that she is a very capable, and reliable, witness. She corrected the date to June 15, 2017, and we have amended the date above. PD))

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