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Rangeley, Maine (United States)

Sighted on Friday 21. July 2017
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Shape: Egg | Duration: 00:15:20

This extraordinary event of late at night on friday, july 21st, 2017 on a hill by the lake at the saddleback lake lodge in dallas hill plt. near rangeley, me. a quiet, remote, and peaceful location. my family rents a cabin on this lodge every summer and have been doing so for as long as i can remember. members of my extended family rent adjacent cabins. there is a central field with an elevated, grassy hill just up from the lakeshore and in front of the central cabins and right next to the one i was staying in at the time. here there is an old stone fire pit and several wooden tables. myself, my father, two aunts, two uncles, and several cousins were all standing around here firepit area and talking. the night sky in this area is especially breathtaking in this area, with thousands of stars brightly visible. this was a very clear, cool, quiet and starlit night and i had been seeing shooting stars on the preceding nights. the time was roughly 11:50pm, my eyes had been glanced skyward at the view for a few minutes. one of my aunts pointed to a shooting star and i went to look and missed it but kept my eyes on that area of sky anyway hoping to catch another one (and i'm sure others did as well) it was at this moment out of the corner of my field of vision i noticed an object, far brighter and perspectively larger than any star or planet visible or that i have ever seen. this object was bright, white, and brilliantly shining, much more prominent than anything else in the sky. we all noticed it within seconds. the object appeared circular, oval, or possibly egg shaped but it's shaped was vaguely defined as it was so bright. it appeared to be expanding as it slowly moved and simultaneously grew more brilliant, i wasn't sure if the object itself was shifting in shape to or if this was simply light that it was generating or reflecting. i estimated that it appeared around 20 times larger than the largest surrounding stars, and many times brighter. it appeared white like a brilliant spotlight but was much different in nature. the ufo seemingly grew to the point where it made a slight flashing or pulsating action before it began to gradually dim and shrink, it continued to move in its slow path of orbit to the north. at this moment another shooting star shot by to the southwest while the object was in sight. the objects movement and appearance were much different than the meteoroid. the object continued on its trajectory and gradually dimmed and shrank until it appeared about the size of the surrounding stars and now it appeared to be a more orangish/greenish color, it was visible for over 20 seconds max before it disappeared amongst the vast volume of stars and i lost sight of it. the object, whatever it was, was likely outside of earths atmosphere as it moved at a similar (albeit slightly faster) rate of speed as a satellite and maintained a similar trajectory. we all continued to watch the sky hoping for the bizarre objects reappearance as we all discussed what it possibly could have been. approximately 10 or so minutes later (and within a minute of two of midnight) the amazing sight returned. i was the first to spot it and immediately notified everyone. there was the bright light, now northeast of its original location and possibly at a farther distance from my vantage point as it appeared marginally smaller than before. however it was traveling in the same direction. once again it gradually expanded and grew in brightness and intensity as we stood in awe. and then again it made a subtle flashing notion before gradually starting to dim and fade away from my view before disappearing. now even more baffled and perplexed by the incredible and puzzling sight i began to scan the night sky. i did not catch sight of the object again however about 15 minutes later i noticed a very sudden and quick flash over the trees across the nearby dirt road. i am unsure if this was related to the brilliant light we witnessed shortly before. i am a lifelong aviation enthusiast and an aspiring pilot and air show announcer and often have my eyes directed towards the sky on any given day. 95+% of the time i am able to identify what i see and rarely do i have no idea regarding the identity of something i see. i can assure you that this unidentifiable object was not a star given it's movement, not a satellite as i have seen those in the night sky before (including several other on the nights leading up to the incident and the night itself) and they usually just appear as looking like a dimmer, moving star. also this object reappeared in a different area of the sky about ten minutes after first being spotted and possibly at a greater distance and i have been told that it takes 4 hours or more for a satellite to orbit the earth and it always passes by in the exact same section of sky as before. also i don't think satellites can generate light, let alone one powerful and brilliant as what i witnessed and it they can reflect light i doubt it can be seen from that great a distance or make the object appear several times larger. i saw several shooting stars including one while the object was in view and they have entirely different characteristics of movement, often being blink and you'll miss it quick occurrences while the object/light was in clear view for over 20 seconds. however the color and brightness of a larger shooting star would be comparable to that of the ufo. i am certain that it was not any man made aircraft or drone as it possessed no blinking navigational or landing lights, emitted absolutely no sound whatsoever and appeared to be outside the atmosphere. i have been coming to this area in maine my entire life and have seen numerous interesting sights in the sky. from unbelievable meteor showers to fireworks on saddleback mtn. to multiple satellites. i've seen chinese fire lanterns and weather balloons before which do not resemble what i saw, i have seen a kc-135 tanker refueling a massive c-5 galaxy transport at lower altitude around sunset in the area and countless military, commercial, and general aviation aircraft at varying altitudes and am extremely skilled at identifying the specific types. i've seen the iss (international space station) pass over on two occasions, once over moosehead lake in 2010, and another time at camp roosevelt in 2015 and recognize it as being a reddish colored light slightly larger in appearance but similar in movement and nature to a satellite and is noticeably different. with the knowledge i have attained i have always been somewhat skeptical of then ufo phenomena but have remained interested in it but have only on a few occasions seen objects that i cannot identify but this instance has left me very shaken and puzzled as i have absolutely no explanation for what i have seen. i continued to watch the sky until 1:30am but did not see the object again, i decided to write this report as soon as i could while the memory was still fresh in my mind and all the details intact. i will continue to watch the night skies for the remainder of the week. please do something to investigate this sighting as it involved multiple individuals who all witnessed and described the same exact sequence of events and appearance of the object itself, also look into other sightings that were submitted on the same day in the same state or immediate area and see if the descriptions correlate. i stand by that this was one of the most bizarre and bewildering things that i have ever witnessed.

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