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Rumford, Maine (United States)

Sighted on Monday 30. May 2016
Reported on
Shape: Star-like | Duration: Undisclosed

It was approximately 11:40 pm, Monday, May 30th, 2016, Memorial Day evening in Rumford, Maine. My boyfriend had taken out one of his telescopes to look at the stars, just outside our residence. When the sky is clear, stargazing is very good here. A few minutes had gone by and I went outside to join him in looking through the telescope. The evening was warm, approximately 66 degrees, damp and a bit humid as there was a light shower earlier. The stars were out, however, the sky wasn't at it's clearest & crispest for observing, but I could still see them distinctly enough for viewing with & without the telescope. There was hardly any cloud cover,maybe a little haze and the intensity of the stars was blocked by the street lamp shining accross the street. As my boyfriend was adjusting the telecope, I looked directly above me & I fixed my eyes upon a cluster of stars to the north/north east.Most of the stars in this group were distinct, but not overly bright, some small, far away, faded. However, there were two "white brighter stars" that stood out a bit more. I noticed that they both were moving toward each other, in a straight-line path, so that one was above & one was below, crossing paths & being in opposite directions of each other. (One went from the left to the right above or directly over the other going from the right to the left.) At least one of these white star-like objects appeared to have a faint trail behind it, but I'm not 100% sure. When they started moving, I was definitely doubting that they were stars at all, and certainly not shooting stars, because they were not moving that fast, but more on the slower side, that of the speed of a plane. The most unusual part of this all, is that when the white star-like objects crossed paths and went into opposition of each other, they slowed down and stopped. (I'm not sure about the distance they travelled, as they were way up high.) When they stopped, they both glowed white, the one that moved left to right, glowed a bit more than the other, & then they both faded, became stationary and dim like the rest of the other stars, as if these objects were "camoflauging" with the rest of their surroundings. This session lasted for about 30 seconds, and when they stopped moving & became stationary or "hovering", they didn't move at all from their positions while I was staring at them for at least a minute more.There was no sounds, no unusual shifts or crazy patterns of movement, however, I did find these white star-like objects unusual in themselves how they were presented, they surely stood out to me & made me question what they were about enough to make me at least want to report this incident. Psychologically, when I looked up, before I even saw the objects move, I was thinking to myself, "It would really be cool to see some more UFO's & of course, something strange had to happen!

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