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Roseburg, OR, USA

Sighted on Friday 17. November 2017
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Shape: Two small dots one above the other in a vertical line | Duration: 10-12min

I live in Green, Oregon. On the night of November 17, 2017 around 8 or 9 not sure on the exact time, I saw two bright circular lights in the sky to the east just above the hill top, with another set of lights on each side of them. These second set of lights had red and green flashing lights as well as a central white light. They were in the skyline at the same altitude but just to the side, one set of lights on each side. I thought they looked like airplane or helicopter lights but they never changed positions nor did they seem to be getting any closer or farther away. It was like they were just levitating there in a pattern of two circular white lights in the middle about 100ft or so apart vertically. The colored lights were off to each side about 200-300ft from the center ones. They all 4 just seemed to sit there in the sky just east of Green and south of Dixonville I would say. I went back inside the house for twenty min. When I came back out they were gone! Just wondering if anyone else seen anything in the skies over Roseburg or Green that night? On a side note...a friends daughter looked out the window that night and seen a very bright flash in the sky that hurt her eyes for several minutes after. Not sure on the time.

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