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Lathrop, Missouri (United States)

Sighted on Monday 21. August 2017
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Shape: Other | Duration: 00:55:00

i think you will want to know /investigate this major ufo (close encounter) account. it occured at the 2017 solar eclipse ,i attended near i35 and 116 highway near lathrop mo. on aug 21 /17? i live in the 64134 zip , seeing the best track to have a complete eclipse was, there i went. i saw many cars there (i35 & 116 hwy) i turned e on 116 hwy ,not long before the start of the eclipse, looking for a place to stop/ park, i see a business that had cars and people there , but a strange flouresant white vehicle also caught my eye mostly , it was only 35-55 ft away from 116 hwy. i am fixated on this bright white minivan shaped vehicle with no wheels or wheel wells it is 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 feet tall 20 feet long and near 9 ft wide , but no glass it is all white . the people at the business are members of the amatuer astronomy society of kc or askc (i know this because i saw, 3-4 months ago a kcpt program, eclipse over the heartland they filmed about them ,there at that time ) the long gray haired woman most interviewed was talking to a elderly man that had approached the ufo to 10 feet ,to ask them to leave , she was telling him to leave it alone. i wanted to see this ufo close up ,but with the traffic behind me honking i continued to brown ave and parked for the eclipse . ? after it started getting light again , as i left, nearing brown ave and 116 hwy 2 silver spheres grapefruit sized and about 4' apart came oncoming on the other side of the road , 6" above the gravel rd. as it neared my car , a 10 year old boy saw it , his mom? and his grandfather too wanting to get another view of the strange craft, just 200-300 ft from where it was traffic blocked me . then multiple police cars code 3 where coming ,then this craft came out of the lot heading e on 116 hwy, it hovers, make little noise ,it accelerated so fast and was over the white line on a collision course with me ,to fast for me to move ,i tried to jump to the right side of the car we did not collide ,it passed by at 60mph ? 1 cop car chasing , i spun around slowly, there were 5-10 people on the s side with cameras ,cell phones that witnessed it. i sped on heading east on 116 hwy ,at brown ave the cop pulled of on the side and was confiskating the photography equipment from 8-10 people on a slope there, i passed by just down the road i can see the white van like ufo 1/4 mile ahead , i'm the 1st car behind it , it's doing 50-60 mph in the road ,but soon it has slowed ,i am gaining on it so i slow to 40 mph but somehow i am doing 70 to 80 mph with out accelerating as i close to 500 ft, the engine reving high because my car is being pulled toward the white craft i saw for a moment a orange neon fog or light around the front of my 96 chevy. but then the white craft takes off at high speed, 120 mph or more,i am watching it intently after 4 or 5 hundred feet it vanishes ,but then reappears some 300 feet ahead of where it had been ,again going even faster, then the same disappears then reappears way ahead of where it had been the last time it going 150 mph? then it disappeared and a snap of blue electricity, like a coil wire went straight up 300 feet . when i arrive at 116 hwy and 69 hwy a group of eclipse watchers ( 10 - 15) are starring at my car , looking at me/my car in disbelief ,some holding cameras. the cop is coming code 3 and took a cut off road trying to stop me but i speed past ,he stops to take the cameras imo, i had stopped just 50 ft ahead for traffic. the cop confronted the bystanders wanting their cameras my point is many ,many people there can verify this strange white craft and i'd bet took pictures . the police involved seemed to be from kearny/ lathrop or county cops in older pre 92 crownvics or impalas i made a drawing of the dimensions of this white craft .

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