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Shermans Dale, Pennsylvania (United States)

Sighted on Wednesday 03. October 2018
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Shape: Unknown | Duration: 00:01:00

Vast area of clear night skies. more planes than usual. observed 2 jets traveling very fast parallel to each other...Odd from ne headed sw. then i see these blinking lights flying through the sky at warp speed. i looked at other planes and they were going plane speeds. this was flying warp speed forward about an inch distance as observed from the ground in the sky and then seemed to stop and dart forward warp speed and stop about 4-5 times and then did an abrupt turn and went 1" warp speed that direction, then abruptly did warp speed backwards. this thing kept doing sporadic short bursts of warp speed movements, mostly forward and forward and backwards but did several sideways movements (left or right) and returned back to original flight path which i think was headed ne. i watched it go off into the horizon at which point it stopped making sideways darts. at some point i wondered if it was one large ship, maybe 20 airplane lengths long and the front lights would go off as the back lights turned on and kept doing that in sort of a pulsating or blinking manner. when it flew backwards and forwards it was a distance of an inch in the sky which is probably several miles and not an inch. i wonder if when it was closer it looked like it was flying forward and backwards when it might have been an optical illusion caused by the lights on an incredibly large ufo. that still wouldn't explain why i saw it fly radically off to the right or left if not in fact a bit marty corner angle. it's in the distant horizon that i wondered if it was 2 ufos with blinking lights or 1 large ship with the front and back lighting up at different intervals. it definitely wasn't airplane blinking lights. it definitely was traveling warp speed compared to all the slow planes. i've never seen 2 jets flying parallel to each other as they crossed a vast stretch of the sky. i live on top of sterrats gap mountain which is a 955' elevation and have a very clear and broad view of the sky where i live. i felt like i shouldn't be watching it. i couldn't see it after a while as it was far away. i did try to video tape it but it was dark. maybe someone could enhance the video? it's pitch black though. i will state that i thought i had telepathic communications with a young alien on a gigantic mother ship mid 1960's. we were like 2 kids saying hi to each other. i could see adult aliens looking down from the round portal windows at harrisburg, pennsylvania. this was during the time people thought these ships were the cause of the massive city electrical blackouts. new york, california and harrisburg, pennsylvania cities lost power. that ship was about 6 blocks infront of me hovering overtop of 3-4 story tall buildings. it was approximately 6 blocks wide. the numerous portals were at least 6-10' tall and round. it looked like there was a gaseous or cloudy atmosphere inside and lightning was making the clouds inside light up in pastel shades which gave it a strobe like effect that made it look like it was pulsating round in circles when in fact the light patterns were stationary. the ufo i saw clearly. the telepathy i doubt i imagined as i'm not prone to folly like that. i didn't think i should have been watching the most recent ufo. i also get a weird feeling, as do many others, from the alleged satellites in our skies that can be seen in the sky below clouds which cover the stars. we feel like it's watching us and it's a negative feeling. why must i select landing site information? i saw no landing.

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