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Mebane, North Carolina (United States)

Sighted on Friday 01. February 2019
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Shape: Disc | Duration: 04:59:00

Prelude - this is my 8th sighting so i had set up my crystals in a sacred geometry pentagram / hexagon / star and created two wooden crosses out of sticks to keep away any demonic forces. i recently found god for the first time in october. a voice spoke to me once i found out who was running the evil in the world. once i discovered the luciferian doctrine i reaffirmed my faith in christianity. i also believe in the annunaki theories of ancient sumeria and babylon so my faiths are conflicted and my spirit is open to channeling new energies. i set up my orgonite crystal from india inside my screened porch and made it the center of my stone pattern. i also used fluorite, apatite, amazonite, and a new crystal i purchased on jan 30 called danburite (which is used for seeing angelic realms and connection to greater things) tonight's events : i have seen transparent apparitions all night long especially right now at 5:17 am over mebane, nc. i live in a neighborhood but still very much backwoods country area. a fleet of ufos are diagonal surrounding my house. they were in the trees and it looked as if one landed across the street from me. my phone was at 99 percent battery and just went to 5 percent as the ships drew closer. the battery life on my galaxy 9 is directly dismantled by these ethereal angels, alien lifeforms, or whatever is following me. a ufo sighting happened in the outer banks on nov 20 by the ocean and my family was only miles away. i have high functioning autism and my third eye has been my greatest tool growing up. my visualization, use of the law of attraction, and faith in higher dimensions has made me wise for only 26 years of age. i sense a connection to my past life today and i feel like my bloodline might be from stars. i don't feel human most of the time. capitalism doesn't make much sense to me, oppression, rape, violence, all of the above. this silly rat race we human beings play isn't my purpose and i have been looking deeper. recently, on october 28, 2018 i had a spiritual awakening and spoke to god for the first time. i grew up christian but church felt like a place among fake people and dark fellows. for instance, john edwards used to attend my church. i know multiple adulterers who also went to my church, so i thought god and satan was fictional history. recently, i stumbled into a secret society within the music industry in hollywood and witnessed a pedophile ring of masked individuals. once i came to a conclusion that masonic billionaires pull strings and use politicians as puppets things made sense. good and evil started to show itself more and more. i can now read auras and recognize that i am a chosen son of god and i identify with all other indigo children. i am telepathic apparently. i am communicating with aliens outside via auditory communication. visually stunned at the moment. a fleet is over my backyard. 15-30+ ships. no one else is awake. my mother is asleep and everyone thinks i'm taking the research on secret societies and alien existence too far. i barely sleep anymore. i read books. television is propaganda for the israeli zionists (using the disguise as jewish) to practice a luciferian doctrine. i have connections solely with qanon, anonymous: the collective hq, ufo and paranormal blogs, watch david icke a lot, and my favorite independent journalist is luke randowski from we are change. i follow a truth movement and do not concern myself with any affairs that are ignorant. i'm so woke ... i can no longer party, drink alcohol and listen to terrible music objectifying women and i will never watch another commercial or super bowl unless i'm forced too. that shit and reality television is the equivalent of torture to someone of my kind. last time i got drunk i smashed a glass against a wall yelling september 11th was an inside job lmfao. i feel like i need to wake people up because things have gone so far with censorship, controlled opposition being clever like alex jones and joe rogan, and all this artificial intelligence is causing havoc. chemtrails and geoengineering are completely valid and true, yet google manages to debunk these proven scientific agendas carried out by elitists in the committee of 300 like bill gates (monsanto, 2019 spraying aluminum, vaccinations (omg don't get me started i have autism) and al gore (presidential candidate, vp, committee of 300) a voice from god or whomever it was changed my life. i got sober from heroin, got my record cleared and expunged, won battle of the bands at my college, was an environmental researcher in eco club in college protesting against seismic testing, fracking, fluoridation of water which calcifies the third eye, and i'm a huge advocate of freedom of speech. i align my chakras using music, meditation, prayer, and crystal collecting has becoming a recent hobby in 2019. i have found a way to connect with aliens every evening and they are drawn to my energy. i speak to them as friends from afar but tonight i saw one in my front yard. i thought it was a kid and got a socket wrench yelling "get out of here" i also am sketched out because my neighbor raising sheep and goats is practicing occult rituals and a temple in my neighborhood is vacant. no one knows who lives in it. it literally looks like a masonic or jewish synagogue. timeline of feb 1/feb 2 8pm - 540am 8pm - lights flashing in woods behind my two story house. i am observing from my patio on the second floor. i found a witchcraft hex (blair witch project) esque stick in my woods the other day and also feel a demonic presence nearby. i think an alien is outside looking at me outside my window at this very moment. i am hiding in my office writing this. i hear his breath, and he sounds like the aliens from the movie "signs" a loud cricket type noise with a popping sound. 9pm - my mom gets home and i tell her about news on fox 8 nc and north carolina newspaper "the charlotte observer" a bird watcher got footage of same ship i have seen numerous times and my video/photo evidence is on another level. i went to film school. i have 500+ videos/photos of multiple ships. they change color from green, to blue, to grey and often disappear in a burst. then they reappear. some of the ships move fast but i am a talented photographer so i am able to change focus quick enough to get it on camera for a long period of time. i have several videos from this hour where i get shots of a disc like figure as bright as the moon coming from behind my trees. 10-11pm i plan on contacting mufon (you guys) and charlotte observer and local newspaper. i take an adderall to concentrate because i have aspergers and i can never finish anything. i have so much footage that i should have sent already. something big is going on here and it is frightening actually. i love the fact ufos are here and i'm having my first vivid experience capturing something extra-terrestrial or inter-dimensional which i believe more so. i take a bunch of pictures on my front porch facing nw and apparitions are showing up behind every house, under my street lamp post i spot a black dementor looking figure with large wings. i spot a snake with huge eyes across the street. omg something keeps tapping on my window and i know they see me right now. so hard to write this. i'm scared as hell. 12pm - i get on computer and research how orgonite crystals can be used to contact other dimensional entities, show visions of past lives, and showcase ufos and the paranormal. tonight was sighting #8 and it was the first sighting that was both apparitions, dark figures, as well as spaceships / flying saucers. one saucer looked like an angel with wings. another disc was shaped like a stingray and had two sides. i currently am reading chariot of the gods by erich von daniken and bought a scroll on papyrus of anubis and horus. i have a necklace with a labradorite crystal enclosed which is supposed to prevent negative energy from affecting my positive inner spirit and soul. my mother has been almost acting possessed during the day and arguments are happening more than normal. i also have been feeling weird and fell asleep after taking 80mg of adderall which is outlandish. i take cbd, kratom, and adderall so it is not like i am tripping on lsd or dmt and seeing things. although my dmt experience from freshman year of college showed me trees that turned into ancient megaliths with a similar shadow angel writing hieroglyphs on the tall stonehenge looking monuments. easter island esque vision with color spectrum beyond this universe's rainbow. i recently have been researching astronomy and rarely ever looked up at night. i was too focused on fixing myself or fixing others. once i realized my mission and goal on this earth is to discover the truth, learn new things, and help those who are oppressed and can see the wonders of the world ... my depression all of sudden dissipated. the night god's voice resonated through my body, it felt like a warm blanket additionally providing me with a brain zap of sudden knowledge. i was quoting revelations and romans, which is insane because i never read the bible and didn't believe in god until he spoke to me. keep in mind, i do not know if my god is also an alien. angels, demons, fallen angels, and different aliens might be all one in the same depending on the perspective. 1am - i am contemplating whether these photographs depict apparitions of evil, fallen angels, aliens from outer space, or it is simply my imagination. it could also be me time traveling into the past and seeing past elements mixed with the vision of this 5 sense reality. i am conflicted with humans and society because i have way more than 5 senses and my vision of the world is similar to say "morpheus in the matrix" or "the guy who puts on the glasses" in the film they live. i can see who is good and evil since october. i can sense what churches are pleasant and which are disguised as masonic temples or pedophile rings. i don't even have to enter. i see auras of satan and god colliding. i have alienated many friends due to this new sense of self. i was friends with people who smoked weed all day, watched south park, and now work at banks. no one reaches out to me from that friend group anymore so why did i let people use me. i make music and my last song exposed masonic presidential influence, the council of 13 illuminati and/or anunnaki bloodlines, bilderberg, etc. 2am - printed out cia document known as "mars exploration" may 22, 1984 approved for release 2000/08/08 : cia-rdp96-00788r0019007600019 (declassified) i have family maybe friends maybe someone in this agency so i am essentially untouchable. also, my coding skills and defense satellite awareness are above the average person out here so i know the fbi wasn't flying drones or cia was in the sky. my cousin called the town council or mayor and they said no military aircraft in the area recently. that is funny lmfao i saw a black helicopter earlier today when i woke up and saw the ufos around 7am. 3am-623am typing this draft to mufon. freaking out. the last thing i witnessed was a fleet of 30+ ships surrounding my house, two creatures in my lawn that were transparent and looked reptilian or a ghostly humanoid. i have a podcast and our first episode was on cryptids and it looked like a scary version of a rake mixed with casper the friendly ghost. the eyes were brighter than body. i pick up energy so well, that i can tell something is looking at me this very second... but my blinds are down so i have a false illusion that i'm safe. i just heard something move inside my house. air conditioning came on randomly. knocking and creaking never happens. this is a new home. i hear deep breathing coming from hallway. tonight was wild! greensboro yesterday news. fox 8 charlotte observer. i got the most photos out of anybody and i made direct contact speaking to this transparent entity. it came within 30 feet of me and i put my hands together and prayed. it looked at me through the glass window and put a hand up and disappeared. my vision is blurry and fuzzy. i feel like i just got overloaded with a database of information. i think they are friendly aliens but i'm nervous. 8 sightings and 3 days in a row is a little much especially with black helicopters flying overhead. i can see things other people can't. flash of light just occurred outside. big flash. 6:20am. please share this and get this out. i am dealing with aliens and inter-dimensional beings. a humming sound is outside and i think one is inside my house. pray for me. hopefully i'll have another report. i've never had this close of an encounter before and it is wonderful and scary as hell. fallen angels, demons, ghosts, aliens... the thing i saw could be all of the above. it was see through. not invisible, but transparent. bolts of light are shining through my curtains. this is wild. logging off - derek y alias megalith 47 12:08pm update - i'm safe. my head feels fine now. i fell asleep at 8am after conversing with my mother who saw my photos and couldn't believe the transparent alien at my door. i will send photos. i would like to remain as derek y. not derek yusiewicz. to protect my identity and so i can share photos with newspapers without referencing the direct transmission i heard.

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